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A preview of Vermeer Metaverse NFT Museum is now on VIVE Connect

HTC is collaborating with NFT platform OpenSkyBlue with the aim of launching the world’s first Vermeer Metaverse NFT Museum in the second half of 2022. The exhibition includes all 37 ‘Re-create of Vermeer’ NFTs, such as the well-known ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring,’ ’The Milkmaid,’ and ‘Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window,’ providing an immersively recreated experience of the original paintings by Dutch Golden Age artist Johannes Vermeer.

Before launch, art lovers worldwide can use their mobile devices, computers, or VR devices to enter the Preview VIVE Pod of the Vermeer Metaverse NFT Museum to appreciate these exclusive digital paintings.


All classic artworks have to go through the process of restoration with the intention of retaining their original quality - this is rarely successful. In the 'Re-create of Vermeer' program, OpenSkyBlue collaborated with the Vermeer Centre in Delft, The Netherlands, to apply modern image analysis technology to produce highly restored digital copies of the original paintings.

The program deciphers Vermeer’s original intention, thoughts, philosophy, and stories, faithfully restoring Vermeer’s brushstrokes, delicate colors, and use of light from over 300 years ago. Through the ’Re-create of Vermeer‘ program, the original paintings will be converted into NFTs to protect our cultural heritage and to disseminate these masterpieces.


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