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BIRDIE WING Gamers' Cosplay Carnival: Dress as Eve and Aoi with Exclusive Virtual Outfits!

BIRDIE WING ゲーマー コスプレ カーニバル

BIRDIE WING Season 2 came to a thrilling close in June. We believe that even now, in front of your screens, you can't forget the fervent moments of Eve and Aoi on the golf course...

This time, VIVERSE is calling upon BIRDIE WING fans worldwide to unleash their creative flair and cosplay as Eve and Aoi. Gather your friends and venture into BIRDIE WING virtual world to relive the plot, exchange gaming insights, and shout out: "Rainbow Bullet Burst!"

How to claim the limited virtual outfits designed for Eve and Aoi?

Step 1:

Experience the thrill of BIRDIE WING's motion control golf game, now available on Nintendo Switch. ​Share your gameplay on any social media platform and fill out the application form before September 29th.

※ If you'd like to learn more about the game, feel free to check out the FAQ section below or head over to the Tokyo Game Show for a firsthand experience.​

Step 2:

On September 30th, remember to check your mailbox, copy the redemption code, and then visit the official VIVERSE website to claim your outfit.

*Due to the large number of eligible participants, the distribution of redemption codes will be delayed until 10/02. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Step 3:

Meet global BIRDIE WING fans in World in VIVERSE (Stay tuned for upcoming cosplay party for outfit holders)

Unleash Your Imagination, It's Your Cosplay Showtime!

With just a few taps, you can transform into the wild and untamed Eve, the cute and charming Aoi, or even the mysterious Coach Amuro!

Hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors, and outfits – mix and match dozens of combinations to showcase the most passionate BIRDIE WING's spirit in your Avatar!

Gather in the Virtual World, Relive the Highlights of BIRDIE WING!

VIVERSE has created a special virtual world just for BIRDIE WING's fans. It's not only filled with beautiful character drawings but also lets you relive the anime's story and enjoy the golf girls' youthful journey.

You can chat with up to 30 people at once and use various expressions and actions online. Don't hesitate to turn on your microphone to share your love for BIRDIE WING with fans worldwide!

Surprise Cosplay Online Party Coming Soon!

Exclusively for dedicated BIRDIE WING fans who own the outfits, your very own secret cosplay party!

Rumor has it that you'll have the chance to be the first to know about the latest BIRDIE WING game updates and even catch a glimpse of Eve and Aoi in the virtual world! Stay tuned!


Want to learn more about the BIRDIE WING Nintendo Switch Game?

Dive into the original anime narrative with Story Mode, or have a blast in Free Mode by selecting popular anime characters and playing a range of golf game modes with friends. You can use joystick controls or embrace the motion fun with Joy-Con.

[Upcoming Content Planned for this Year]

In Free Mode, we're introducing an exciting new feature: the "Sudden Death" game mode, promising a golfing experience that breaks away from the traditional stroke play.

In terms of course choices, we're introducing the "Catherine Underground Golf Course" to our Sudden Death mode, featuring state-of-the-art technology and a unique experience with randomly generated holes for players to enjoy.

Expect to encounter new playable characters in Free Mode via free updates, including the tricky caddy Lily, who specializes in introducing chaos to your matches.

New DLC Characters Revealed: Introducing "Dark Golfer Rose" and "Dark Golfer Vipere" as the latest additions to our roster of purchasable characters!

Players can leverage the distinctive skills of these characters to craft strategies and disrupt opponents in-game, elevating the overall gaming immersion. This feature enables players to immerse themselves further into the "BIRDIE WING" universe.

When is the virtual outfit event, and how long can the outfits be used? Are there any advantages linked to these outfits?

Valid for three months, from 09/30 to 12/31, with unlimited usage during this period. With this outfit set, you can dress up your Avatar and showcase your unique creativity in the virtual world. Additionally, while in possession, you'll have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive Cosplay party! Get ready to don your Cosplay and enjoy the surprises brought by BIRDIE WING!

How can I stay updated on the follow-up details for the Cosplay party?

If there are any updates regarding the next Cosplay party, we will individually notify eligible users via e-mail. Alternatively, you can revisit this event page or contact customer support for further information!

Could you please share more about what VIVERSE is?

VIVERSE is an open platform with virtual worlds and avatars developed by HTC. You can play, create, explore, and connect together using PC, phone, or VR headset. You get to do it all in VIVERSE!

Feel free to join our Discord server:



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