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Bring the Avatar You Want into VIVERSE

avatar maker with VIVERSE

Want a truly unique VR avatar? Customizing your metaverse persona is easy with a VR avatar creator.

VIVERSE, HTC’s cross-platform metaverse, has you covered.

Here is a step-by-step guide to bringing your favorite avatars into VIVERSE:

1. Use the VR avatar creator you want

All journeys in VIVERSE begin with you. Choose among 4 different types of avatars to suit your varied needs:

• Realistic Avatars

• Half-body Avatars

• Character Avatars

• VRM Avatars

Realistic avatars are a great option for making your virtual self instantly recognizable. Half-body avatars, meanwhile, are a fun way to get straight into the action with unique costumes. And character avatars, with their stylized full-body appearance, offer something in between.

But what if you want to use something like an anime character or a 3D model from another platform’s VR avatar maker? A VRM file is the way to go!

In VIVERSE, you can enjoy a custom avatar by importing it in the VRM format.

2. Prepare your VRM avatar for VIVERSE

As exciting as it is to bring a custom VRM avatar into VIVERSE, there are a few things you should check for first to make sure your metaverse experience goes as smoothly as possible.

We suggest that you follow this handy guide: Preparing Your VRM Avatar for VIVERSE .

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to install the UniVRM package in Unity before proceeding. For help installing the package, click here .

Making these preparations will not only ensure your avatar looks and moves correctly in VIVERSE but also enable additional tracking capabilities for compatible VR experiences!

3. Import your VRM avatar

As soon as you have finished preparing your VRM avatar, all that is left is to do is upload it. Just drag and drop your VRM file into VIVERSE and you’re ready to go.

Go enter new Worlds with your custom avatar and explore to your heart's content!

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