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CAT ART by Shu Yamamoto: Drop 2 is Now Available on Market!

The wait is over, “CAT ART” by Shu Yamamoto: Drop 2 is here! VIVERSE has collaborated with iconic Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto to bring you the “CAT ART” NFT Collection. Drop 2 tokens feature the classic cat paintings from the “Twelve Prophetic Cats” series and the “Genesis” series that adorn the ceiling in the Hisstine Chapel.

Plus, get the chance to unlock an NFT of the ceiling of The Hisstine Chapel!

CAT ART Drop 2 Collectibles Make it to VIVERSE

View the new collectible tokens from the “CAT ART” by Shu Yamamoto: Drop 2 NFT Gallery on World.

How to Collect CAT ART NFTs from Drop 2

There are two ways to get ahold of these pawsome NFTs! Purchase a single NFT of your choice or buy a mystery box of two random NFTs.

The “Twelve Prophetic Cats” series

Inspired by the twelve prophetic figures on the ceiling of the Hisstine Chapel, the “Twelve Prophetic Cats” will surely enlighten you with their cuteness.

The “Genesis” series

Based on the Feline Bible, the “Genesis” series recreates the nine scenes of how the Almighty Cat created the world. You may also find a dog feature in this series!

The Hisstine Chapel Mystery Box

Each mystery box contains 2 random NFTs out of 21 tokens from the “Genesis” series and the "Twelve Prophetic Cats" series.

Collect-to-unlock Event (through August 31)

From now until August 31st, users that have collected all nine tokens from the “Genesis” series will get an NFT of the ceiling of The Hisstine Chapel.

The users that have collected nine different tokens from the “Genesis” series by August 31st, 2022, at 23:59 (PT) will receive “The Hisstine Chapel Ceiling” NFT.

Join the VIVERSE Discord server for the latest information about the Collect-to-unlock event.

©Shu Yamamoto All Rights Reserved. Licensed by uniicreative Co., LTD


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