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Create at Your Fingertips: Top 10 3D Scanner Apps for Creators (iPhone & Android)

Professional 3D scanning can be categorized into two types: contact and non-contact. Contact scanning involves physically touching the object to collect data, while non-contact scanning relies on light to capture object information. In general, 3D scanning traditionally demands costly hardware and software for operation, but now there are more user-friendly options available, like utilizing 3D scanner apps.

create at your fingertips, with 3d scanner tools, creators can simply use the apps on their phone to scan 3d objects

Thanks to the technology advancements, users are enabled to utilize these tools to spice up their World experience in VIVERSE! We've introduced top tools for converting 2D images to 3D models, now here are some 3D scanner apps that can also create realistic 3D models.

The Best 3D Scanner Apps to Create Realistic 3D Models

1. Polycam

Polycam empowers you to effortlessly capture stunningly accurate 3D models of your surroundings using your mobile device, DSLR camera, or drone. Easily convert drone footage into immersive 3D models using Polycam. Upload your keyframed drone images on Polycam Web, and watch as a detailed capture is generated within minutes. Browse millions of 3D models and download them for free in Polycam Explore. Edit scans collectively and regulate permissions seamlessly within the app. Utilize sharing capabilities to construct collaborative albums and establish collections in tandem with other users. (Source: Polycam)

  • Platform: iOS and Android

  • Pricing: Free and advanced paid plans


3d scanner tool, ARPLAN 3D's official website

ARPLAN utilizes smartphone cameras to capture real-world environments and objects in 3D, enabling users to overlay digital information seamlessly onto the physical world. ARPlan 3D is known for its ease of use, making it a valuable tool for architects, interior designers, and AR developers looking to create interactive and immersive augmented reality experiences. (Source: ARPLAN 3D)

  • Platform: iOS and Android

  • Pricing: Free and advanced paid plans

3. Widar

3d scanner tool, Widar's official website

Explore the possibilities with Widar, a 3D scanner app designed for iOS and Android users. In addition to its robust 3D scanning features, the app empowers users to edit 3D models extensively. Customize, enhance, and modify aspects like colors, backgrounds, textures, and orientations to shape your 3D creations effortlessly. (Source: Widar)

  • Platform: Android and iOS

  • Pricing: Free and advanced paid plans

4. Metascan

As a high-performance 3D scanner app renowned for its advanced metrology capabilities, Metascan delivers exceptional accuracy and speed in capturing complex shapes and surfaces, making it a go-to choice for quality control, reverse engineering, and CAD modeling in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. Metascan's precision and automation features make it an indispensable tool for ensuring product quality and design integrity. (Source: Metascan)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Free and advanced paid plans

Learn more about other free 3D model websites here.

5. EM3D: Ethan Makes 3D Scanner

3d scanner tool, EM 3D's official website

Revolutionize your selfie game with EM3D, a 3D scanner app aiming to simplify 3D self-portraiture. Post-scan, effortlessly export your 3D selfies as STL, OBJ, or PLY files, and take it a step further with options to export point clouds or entire scenes. EM3D offers various features, allowing users to create videos, export files, toggle grids, reorient scenes, remove geometries, slice grids, and more through scanning. (Source: EM3D)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Free

6. Trnio

3d scanner tool, Trnio's official website

Trnio, the 3D scanner app for iPhone and iPad, revolutionizes the scanning experience with its one-tap functionality. Dive into the 'Easy Scan' ARKit mode for efficient scans of environments and large objects. Users can import images from a database, convert them into 3D models, and even venture into crafting personalized 3D models through selfie scans. To ensure superior scan results, prioritize well-lit setups, and position your object against a blank wall to eliminate any hindrance from a cluttered background. (Source: Trnio)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Starting from $4.99

7. Heges

3d scanner tool, Hege's official website

Heges is a comprehensive 3D scanner app designed for iOS devices, offering both structured light and photogrammetry scanning techniques. Heges stands out for its ease of use and the ability to capture intricate details, making it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists engaged in 3D modeling and augmented reality projects. (Source: Heges)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Free with in-app purchases

8. Canvas

3d scanner app, Canvas' official website

For iOS users, Canvas stands out as a premier 3D scanner for iPhone. With a user-friendly interface, initiating the scanning process is a breeze. As you navigate a room, Canvas swiftly captures the entire space, making it an excellent tool for creating indoor models. The app offers the flexibility to export scanning results as fully editable CAD files, albeit with a fee, or opt for free export in other file formats. (Source: Canvas)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Starting from $0.18 per SQFT

9. Qlone

3d scanner tool, Qlone's official website

Having two million downloads and featured by Apple for object capture, Qlone combines rapid scanning with uncompromised quality, including the capability for impressive 4K scans. Following a successful scan, users can engage in in-app image editing, where tasks like file incorporation, scan merging, and size adjustments await. Cap off your creative journey by sharing 3D images or exporting them as OBJ or STL files, ready for 3D printing. (Source: Qlone)

  • Platform: iOS and Android

  • Pricing: Free on App Store; $19.99 on Google Play Store

10. ItSeez3D

Known for its advanced depth-sensing technology, the 3D scanner app for iPhone, ITseez3D enables users to capture detailed 3D models of people and objects using a variety of depth-sensing cameras. The software offers real-time feedback during the scanning process, ensuring high-quality results. (Source: ItSeez3D)

  • Platform: iOS

  • Pricing: Free and advanced paid plans

Recap and Summarize

In conclusion, the 3D scanner apps collectively contribute to a dynamic ecosystem that simplifies the process of creating detailed 3D models. Whether you're an artist, designer, or enthusiast, these apps empower you to effortlessly capture and digitize the world around you. Their accessibility and versatility not only make 3D modeling more approachable but also play a crucial role in enhancing the overall immersive experiences in platforms like VIVERSE.

Users get to create 3D models from objects more easily, and putting them on display in immersive virtual environments like Worlds in VIVERSE seems to be the ideal way for others to view them anytime anywhere. On top of that, you can also use the 3D scanner apps to build real-life 3D models, creating your very own digital twin!


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