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Make Your Own Avatars in VIVERSE

A VIVERSE character avatar stands in a Chinese-themed room adorned with intricate Chinese décor including an umbrella, and vibrant colors. The avatar showcases personalized features, reflecting the individual's unique identity and style. The room exudes a sense of cultural richness and elegance, immersing you in the beauty of Chinese aesthetics. Step into this captivating Chinese-themed room in VIVERSE

Have you ever wanted to create your own digital alter ego? With VIVERSE Avatar Creator, it's easier than ever!

With the free avatar maker and vast array of customization options VIVERSE allows users to create a digital persona in virtual worlds. Everything from your face and hair to the shape and color of your eyes. It's fun, easy, and a great way to prepare for the future of technology. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how to create your own Avatar and import unique avatars into VIVERSE.

Digital Persona

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to creating your digital self or alter ego. You can be anyone you want to be.

You can be a celebrity, a superhero or princess, a cartoon character, or a glorified version of you... the list goes on. You might even find something unique like an alien or monster. Wherever your imagination takes you, create your own character, and design multiple Avatars to your liking!

Avatars are the characters you can create and utilize in VIVERSE. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of bodies and personalities. You can customize your Avatar however you want to and can make them unique but also fit into your desired scenario.

How to Create Your Unique Avatar

Get Inspired and Choose an Avatar Version

Go to the VIVERSE Avatar page and follow the prompts to create your Avatar or upload a VRM file. Think about the characteristics and traits you want your avatar to embody and that reflects those qualities. You can start by thinking of a name and brainstorming what kind of virtual avatar would represent your digital self.

Next, select one of the four Avatar versions that best suits your needs:

Realistic Avatars

Realistic avatars are a great option for making your virtual self instantly recognizable. These are high-quality avatars that represent real people, with realistic facial expressions and body movements. Just take a selfie or load an existing photo on the VIVE Avatar app, a realistic avatar creator available on Google Play and the App Store and let it generate your digital twin!

Once you create an avatar from your photo you can then adjust its hairstyle, skin color, body shape, and outfit. They're perfect for video conferencing, online meetings, and other professional purposes.

In this captivating photo, a lifelike digital persona takes center stage, showcasing intricate facial expressions and fluid body movements. Customized with precision, from stylish hairstyle to fashionable attire, the avatar represents the unique identity of its creator. Step into the immersive realm of VIVERSE and let your realistic avatar be your digital alter ego, connecting you with others and unlocking extraordinary virtual experiences.

Character Avatars

Character avatars are cartoonish versions of Avatars that offer an in between appearance of a realistic and cartoon style avatar. You can create your own character and customize their appearance by changing their hair color or style, eye color, clothes, and more.

For those of you looking for a unique outfit, head over to Market to discover chic clothing options for your avatar. Use the Avatar Creator available on VIVERSE for casual communication with friends or family members in the metaverse.

A character avatar in VIVERSE stands in front of a popcorn stand, radiating charm and personality. The avatar is stylishly dressed with intricate details, capturing the essence of creativity and self-expression. The vibrant colors and playful expression on the avatar's face add to the overall lively atmosphere. In the background, a popcorn stand adds a touch of whimsy and fun. The image evokes a sense of immersive virtual experiences and delightful moments in the vibrant world of VIVERSE

VRM Avatars

A VRM file provides a way for VIVERSE users to upload a 3D model to use as their Avatar. This is a great option if you want to use something like an anime avatar character or a 3D model from another platform’s VR avatar maker.

If you don’t have a VRM avatar yet, we've got you covered! You can download the avatars, outfits, and accessories in VRM format from VRoid Hub or create your own avatar using VRoid Studio. We suggest that you follow this handy guide: Import and Download VRM Avatars in VIVERSE. As soon as you have finished preparing your VRM avatar, all that is left is to do is upload it. Just drag and drop your VRM file into VIVERSE and you’re ready to go.

A visually stunning VRM avatar standing outdoors in a vibrant VIVERSE world. The avatar is meticulously designed with unique features, like cat ears, business casual clothing, and accessories, showcasing the boundless creativity and personalization available in VIVERSE. The immersive environment surrounding the avatar is teeming with vivid colors, imaginative landscapes, a bright sky with clouds, inviting users to explore and engage in the captivating virtual realm. Experience the wonders of VIVERSE and unleash your digital alter ego today!

Once you've created your avatars, simply navigate to "My avatars" and export them as VRM files, ready for use in your desired applications.

Activate Your Avatar in Your Starter World

VIVERSE is the perfect place to start your digital journey. You can use your favorite avatar creator and experiment with it until you find one that feels like it belongs to you. The best part about avatars is that they allow us to explore our creativity and imagine what our future selves might look like. Remember to check out our Starter World tutorial to give your Avatar a place to be!

Then enter new Worlds with your custom avatar and explore to your heart's content!


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