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Customer spotlight: ESG Gaming, pioneering digital wellness with VIVERSE for Business

ESG Gaming The Dome powered by VIVERSE

At VIVERSE, we pride ourselves on enabling collaboration in all forms and walks of life. Our device agnostic spatial platform supports VR, PC, and mobile, featuring lifelike avatars and AI-enhanced productivity tools within customisable 3D environments, offering vast detail thanks to Polygon Streaming technology. Today, we are excited to spotlight one of our valued customers, ESG Gaming, and their innovative project, ‘The Dome’.

Meet ESG Gaming

ESG Gaming is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) founded in 2021 in the UK. Their mission is to leverage technology to reduce loneliness and social isolation, diminish dementia risk factors, and provide drug-free alternatives for depression among those aged 50 and over. Recognised for their impactful work, ESG Gaming has garnered accolades such as Best Product at Bett UK 2024 and Regional Finalists in the UK Start Up Awards 2024.

The Dome: A beacon of hope

Powered by VIVERSE for Business, ‘The Dome; is ESG Gaming's award-winning virtual world designed to enhance the lives of seniors. Launched in January 2024, this immersive platform combats social isolation by fostering a vibrant community where older adults can engage in wellness activities, learning, and social interactions.

'The Dome' features three specific rooms:

  • Health and Fitness Room: Offering interactive classes and exercises to promote physical well-being.

  • Mindfulness Space: Providing meditation and relaxation classes to support mental health.

  • Auditorium: Hosting a variety of events, from motivational speakers to stand-up comedy.

The Dome - open space

Why ESG Gaming chose VIVERSE

Lee Willows, the driving force behind ESG Gaming, and James Fraser-Murison, Director of Fraser Esports, have both emphasised the crucial role of VIVERSE technology in bringing ‘The Dome’ to life. "One of the reasons we chose to work with HTC VIVERSE is because they truly understood our vision for ESG Gaming and our unique project," said Willows. "The support from their team has been incredible, helping us transition from concept to a tangible product in just six months."

Fraser-Murison added, " The team at HTC has been nothing but supportive. They really understood what we're trying to do from a community aspect, a philanthropic perspective, and the fact that we're aiming to do something truly unique in this space—slowing down the effects of dementia and helping with social isolation for slightly older people. To have that collaboration for a pilot is great.

The Dome - mindfulness space

Breaking down the digital divide

The initial feedback on "The Dome" has been overwhelmingly positive. "You can imagine a room full of elderly people with headsets on," Willows mused. "We're trying to break down that digital divide and get older people involved in technology as well."

Looking ahead, ESG Gaming envisions a world where technology bridges the gap for seniors, reducing loneliness and providing non-pharmacological solutions for depression and dementia. "I guess we imagine a world where if you're over 50 years old, you don't suffer from social isolation and loneliness because you can connect," said Willows. "We'd like to see if this solution can also help with the slowdown of the rate of dementia. So actually keeping your brain active, doing all the interactive stuff we've got within 'The Dome'—does that help to slow that down? If we could do all of that and get it really well evaluated, it would be fantastic."

The Dome - bringing in 3D objects

A partnership built on collaboration

The partnership between ESG Gaming and VIVERSE for Business exemplifies how technology can be harnessed for societal good. "Our relationship with HTC Vive began with a simple coffee meeting in Guildford and has blossomed into a collaborative effort that leverages each other's strengths," explained Willows. "Their technological prowess combined with our vision has led to the creation of something truly unique and impactful."

Fraser-Murison highlighted the synergy of the partnership, saying, "Everyone's playing to their strengths. We know HTC has the capabilities and intelligence on the ground, and what we're bringing to the table is the idea. Between us, we've managed to execute something brand new and exciting."

The Dome - British nostalgia

We are immensely proud of our collaboration with ESG Gaming and the tangible difference 'The Dome' is making in the lives of seniors. As we continue to innovate and refine our platform, we look forward to supporting ESG Gaming's mission and exploring new ways technology can connect people and break down barriers of social isolation.


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