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e& Universe launches with VIVERSE technology

HTC VIVE and e& have created a historic moment at GITEX 2022 in the development of the metaverse with the launch of e& Universe, built with VIVERSE technology - introducing a world of possibilities for consumers to enjoy vibrant experiences at every destination.

e& has ambitious plans for elevating the customer experience and digitally empowering societies through the ideation and development of next-generation technological solutions. e& universe is set to provide users with a wide range of innovative experiences, including entertainment, education, productivity, recreation, and more.

Leading press including Gulf News and Khaleej Times welcomed the news, and the first demonstrations of the new e& Universe can be experienced here.

Khaled ElKouly, Chief Consumer Officer, etisalat by e& said: “The recent launch of e& universe at GITEX Global 2022 presents a massive step towards the bright digital future that we envisage for people, the communities, and the world. e& is not only showcasing the latest technological innovations but is also creating an incredibly immersive and innovative experience through e& universe, a first-of-its-kind venture in the region. The move to the metaverse is a start of a remarkable journey into the next digital frontier for the Group as it seeks to do things differently and develop and launch technology solutions that will empower customers and businesses so as to offer heightened interactive experiences. “With the metaverse, the opportunities for engaging with customers on a whole new level as well as fuelling their experiences with innovative solutions are endless. Through our collaboration with HTC, we have developed a metaverse ecosystem that delivers an unparalleled virtual experience for visitors. We will do what it takes to be the key orchestrator that revolutionizes customer experiences by identifying opportunities to build such intricate virtual ecosystems that make the difference.” Joseph Lin, General Manager of VIVERSE, said, “Our work with e& is hugely exciting, delivering consumers new worlds filled with immersive experiences. Through our collaboration with e&, our aim is to unleash peoples’ imaginations, helping them to enjoy new worlds, get work done in more engaging ways, learn, and relax. This is just the beginning, and with e&, we can’t wait to show you the amazing experiences that are coming next in e& universe.”


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