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Effortlessly Launch a Virtual Workplace for Your Company

VIVERSE for Business enables corporates to build their digital twin and elevate the business

In the landscape of remote work and global collaboration, HTC's VIVERSE for Business has emerged as a powerful solution. This virtual workplace just introduced a range of new features and updates, making it easier to bring immersive productivity solutions into your company’s workflow.

Expanded Platform Support

VIVERSE for Business now caters to a wider audience, compatible with multiple platforms including VIVE XR Elite, VIVE Focus 3, Windows PC, Mac OS, and Android. This means you can use VIVERSE for Business on the device that suits you best, making it accessible to teammates around the globe no matter if they have a VR headset or only a smartphone.

VIVERSE for Business supports multiple devices, incluuding VR devices, PC, smartphone, tools

Robust Calendar Integration

Calendar integration has been seamlessly woven into the platform. Now, guests can view meeting agendas within VIVERSE for Business, making it easier to stay organized and on track. Plus, you can send and receive email notifications directly from within the platform. This simplifies the process of keeping track of your online web meetings and staying in the loop.

VIVERSE for Business provides user-friendly interface for virtual exhibition and meetings
View the schedule in VIVERSE for Business

Enhanced Controls

With an updated Management Console, hosts now enjoy more control over their virtual business workspace. This includes the ability to easily send email invites to customers to join a meeting in VR, and to see user details directly from the console. Additionally, an updated User Console gives employees a centralized place to manage their calendar, upload media assets, and more.

VIVERSE for Business provides handy Management Console to manage all the digital twins
VIVERSE for Business provides easy file library for management

These new features make it even easier for businesses to build immersive workspaces that are collaborative and productive. With the latest updates, it doesn’t matter whether employees are working on a Windows PC, Mac, Android, or a VIVE headset, VIVERSE for Business is fully compatible. And with new host control options and streamlined calendar integration, it’s easier than ever to bring your global teams together and accomplish more.

Contact us for a demo and learn more about how VIVERSE can elevate your business. For more details, visit our website:


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