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VIVERSE teamed up with TPTS to launch 12 limited editions of NFT for Monster Fruit Academy!

Classic Characters from “Monster Fruit Academy" Enter the Metaverse

Taipei, Taiwan (July 13, 2022)-The well-known representative figure of children's programs in Taiwan, "Granny Fruity", is a beautiful memory for many people while they grew up. VIVERSE announced today (13th) that it has teamed up with Public Television to launch 12 limited editions of NFT for Monster Fruit Academy, which will be officially sold on ibon in all 7-ELEVEN stores in Taiwan, ibon ticketing website, and Market from now on. VIVERSE hopes to support originality with actions, enable the classic characters of Monster Fruit Academy to coexist in the Metaverse Era, show unique creations in Taiwan, and also look forward to promoting communication among different generations!

"Monster Fruit Academy" launches limited NFTs with classic characters into the Metaverse

"Fruity Ice Cream" is one of the longest-lived children's programs in Taiwan. The classic red apron, red frame, and silver bun style of the host "Granny Fruity" are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Through those highly educational stories, she has been accompanying children and adults for 24 years. This year, Granny Fruity turned into a 3D animated character, and the animated film "Monster Fruit Academy - Granny Fruity's Big Secret" launched at the beginning of the year was widely echoed. On July 1, the TV series was launched on the Public Television channel again, hoping to let more children go on their adventures with the Granny. The story combines the elements of domestic monsters and integrates Taiwan’s local mythology into the role modeling. Granny Fruity leads the little monsters to overcome various difficulties by supporting and cooperating with each other, and prevents the doomsday prophecy of destroying the demon world, so as to encourage children not to be afraid. Facing fear bravely is the driving force for progress.

VIVERSE General Manager Lin Jun-Wu indicated that "Granny Fruity has been with us for 24 years, bringing joy to children through storytelling and making them grow up happily, and serves as an important driver for character education. VIVERSE is honored to cooperate with Granny Fruity, a classic IP, to launch the "Monster Fruit Academy NFT", hoping that with this cooperation, we can promote Taiwan's original IP to the world and bring the positive influence of Granny Fruity into VIVERSE, where she will show up with a more diverse appearance, continue to tell stories and extend our beautiful dreams infinitely."

12 global limited editions of “Monster Fruit Academy NFT” are available now

Crossover launched by VIVERSE and WOWWOW Technology, the "Monster Fruit Academy NFT" features 12 designs, including 10 classic character NFTs and 2 special commemorative NFTs. Consumers can purchase the NFT Mystery Box through ibon offline machines at 7-ELEVEN stores and ibon ticketing website, and will receive a random copy of the classic character model NFT for a suggested price of NT$360. If you want to buy specific characters, you can purchase 10 classic NFTs directly through Market with limit to 5 copies for each character for a suggested price of NT$1,200. If you want to collect the two special commemorative NFTs, you can purchase the “Monster Fruit Academy” Nintendo Switch game at 7- ELEVEN stores across Taiwan and receive them, while the suggested price for the game is NT$880. It's officially on sale now!

WOWWOW Technology noted that it has been accompanying Monster Fruit Academy since 2019, and has been working with Public Television to guard and promote the original story IP that belongs to Taiwanese children, with the integration of the power of content and technology across domains, using interactive game elements to tell stories, and designing the parkour game “Monster Fruit Academy” with the same name as the animation. This year, the Nintendo Switch physical game was released, combining elements of physical activity, card collection, and competitive adventure, allowing the little demons to engage with children in a more intimate way for them to experience the fantasy adventure as in the real scene. In conjunction with the launch of the NFT, VIVERSE, Public Television, and WOWWOW Technology will announce related NFT events in the future, so please feel free to call on your friends and family to collaborate in the game and build your own little demon team to ride the metaverse wave. Please check out the event website at for more details.

In the future, VIVERSE will continue to maintain an in-depth partnership with "Granny Fruity" to jointly create the Monster Fruit Academy metaverse world, so that children and adults can experience the unique charm of the magical world. In addition, VIVERSE metaverse will continue to expand. In addition to the existing original IPs, such as “Step into Cat Art” and “BIRDIE WING” metaverse art museum, the famous Asian photographer Joshua Lin's NFT digital art gallery "Flux of Shadows" and the world's first Chinese music metaverse singer Jeric Chen's "Say Something" lunar landing exhibition will also be officially launched on July 28, which will present art and music through the integration of virtual and real approach and create a brand-new artistic and cultural experience.

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