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HTC Showcases VIVERSE for Business, with Salesforce and Cognitive3D Integrations

3D asset of helicopter with Salesforce integration

HTC is thrilled to announce its participation in the Augmented Enterprise Summit 2023 (AES) taking place in Houston, Texas, from October 24 to 26. HTC is giving exclusive, hands-on demos of its virtual workspace solution, VIVERSE for Business. The showcase highlights a range of productivity features that are currently available on the platform, as well as a glimpse into exciting new developments on the horizon.

At AES, attendees can immerse themselves in VIVERSE for Business by wearing HTC's VIVE XR Elite headset. They will be transported into virtual rooms, each tailored to specific business functions with different productivity features. These rooms include an Auditorium, a Showroom, an Exhibition Hall, a Meeting Room, a Conference Room, and a Gallery, which serves as a gateway to a selection of VR/AR experiences.

As part of the demo, visitors can see the power of Polygon Streaming technology, which enables collaborative viewing of high-fidelity 3D models with millions of polygons. By intelligently streaming only the portions of the model in the viewer's line of sight, and by optimizing resolution based on proximity, Polygon Streaming markedly reduces processing demands for a fluid, highly detailed experience. Attendees are also given a first look at new 3rd party productivity integrations with Salesforce and Cognitive3D. Additionally, an MR experience demo has attendees collaboratively viewing virtual 3D models in their real-world surroundings.

"VIVERSE for Business is more than just a virtual workspace; it's an expansive platform that breaks the limitations of remote work, drawing global teams into closer collaboration," said Joseph Lin, General Manager of VIVERSE. "Collaborative 3D model viewing, a virtual exhibition hall, and an auditorium with big-screen presentations give remote teams the tools to accomplish more and stay engaged, no matter where they’re based. You don’t need to outfit all your employees with XR headsets, but those who have them will enjoy the most immersive experience available. VIVERSE for Business also ensures enterprise-grade security and privacy for all customers worldwide,” he said.

In a continued effort to demonstrate the versatility and global applicability of VIVERSE for Business, HTC has engaged with audiences worldwide through various showcases. Earlier this month, VIVERSE for Business was showcased in Paris, highlighting its innovative approach to collaborative business environments. The platform has previously been demoed at the Developer & Content Conference in Taiwan in early October. Looking ahead, HTC is excited to bring VIVERSE for Business to the Tech Summit in Shanghai on October 24, and the International Import Expo in Shanghai, November 5-10. On November 15, HTC will bring VIVERSE for Business to London, where it will be a focal point at the VIVE Partner Network event at BAFTA’s premises.

To learn more about VIVERSE for Business, visit the product website here.


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