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Introducing Polygon Streaming Technology in VIVERSE

Immersive 3D experiences represent an exciting intersection of the digital and physical worlds, presenting a unique opportunity to enhance performance and achieve tangible business outcomes. Central to this opportunity is the power of visualization, a key benefit for businesses venturing into the virtual realms.

We’re thrilled to introduce a comprehensive solution, Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE, demonstrating and sharing high-fidelity 3D models of any size, compatible across platforms and accessible on any device, addressing remote collaboration, customer engagement, e-commerce, and brand awareness.

Overcoming 3D visualization challenges with Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE

Overcome 3D visualization challenges with Polygon Streaming technology to share and display high-poly 3D model in metaverse spaces.

Immersive 3D experiences grapple with a persistent challenge - the disparity in visual quality experienced in current immersive settings. This gap hampers the seamless integration of the physical world and curtails the expansive creative potential of the digital realm.

Technological hurdles, encompassing real-time rendering limitations, insufficient graphics cards, and varying internet connectivity, further compound this problem. Metaverse platforms and hardware struggle to handle large and intricate 3D models, resulting in less detailed models or simplified 3D structures and limited metaverse spaces.

Unleash the potential of 3D content with Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE

Sustaining high performance and uncompromising fidelity

Only the visible sections are streamed — sharp details for what's near the viewer and reduced resolution for distant parts. The result? A dramatic cut in processing power demands, leading to significant cloud-based cost savings and a smoother user experience.

Liberating 3D streaming from all constraints

Efficiently render expansive 3D models even on basic devices such as PC, mobile, VR headsets, etc. Benefit from widespread platform compatibility and sidestep the exhaustive process of manual optimizations, thus saving time and resources for designers and creators in their creative work.

Facilitating creative expression in expansive spatial experiences

With Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE, immersive spatial scenes can offer virtually limitless possibilities. Creators have the freedom to add numerous elements and intricate details, paving the way for truly captivating immersive experiences.

Diverse applications of Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE

The innovative potential of Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE finds applications across diverse industry verticals:

  • Digital Twins: Generate precise and high-fidelity 3D models by streaming polygon data instead of traditional pixel streaming.

  • Spatial Experience: Bid farewell to low-poly, low-quality models and environments. Polygon Streaming empowers developers to craft experiences without constraints imposed by polygon limits or file sizes.

  • Gaming: Streamline gaming development by seamlessly integrating our SDK and API, effortlessly enabling Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE.

  • E-commerce: Enhance marketing and sales efforts by presenting high-quality 3D models interactively across web, desktop, mobile, and AR or VR headsets.

  • Design and Architecture: Upload 3D models in any size and detail you desire, from digital assets to scans, without the need for time-consuming manual optimization or heavy data compression.

The seamless integration of Polygon Streaming technology into the VIVERSE and VIVERSE for Business platforms empowers the effortless streaming of massive 3D data to all users and creators, transcending platforms and devices. Step into a future defined by unparalleled engagement, collaboration, and creativity.

Discover new opportunities through Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE

For businesses seeking to enhance their operations using Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE, we offer a customizable licensing model. Feel free to reach out for more details.

Stay tuned as we redefine the immersive spatial experience, unveiling the potential of high-fidelity 3D models. The future of spatial experiences awaits.


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