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Make New Friends in the Metaverse with VIVERSE

metaverse social network

Ever tried meeting up in the metaverse? VIVERSE Worlds offer virtual spaces where you can hang out and show off your personality.

Today, HTC wants to help you get started on making friends with your fellow VIVERSE denizens. Here are a few tips and tools to get the conversations going:

You had me at “Hello.”

It’s easier to chat in Worlds if people nearby can hear you. Be sure to turn on your mic using the icon in the top left corner of your browser window. You may need to grant permission to access your microphone first.

Feeling a little shy? No problem! Use the “CHAT” button at the top right corner to type messages to everyone instead.

Show us your moves!

Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself with words. Hit the “REACT” button at the top right corner of the window to use animations the whole group can see.

Unleash hearts, a thumbs-up, or other emojis to share your feelings with those around you. Filling the World with floating happy faces is bound to get people laughing.

If you’re using a full-body avatar, you can even take advantage of expressive movements like dancing, clapping, and more. More animations are sure to come, so stay tuned!

Strike a pose for the camera.

Commemorate your new-found friendships in VIVERSE with a selfie! Whip out the virtual camera by pressing “c” on your keyboard or using the camera icon at the top left corner of your window.

Choose whether you want to take a picture or a video, set the timer, and you’re good to go! Making use of VIVERSE animations and our different metaverse avatar makers will help you and your friends create unique virtual scenes.

These are just a few ways to connect with the rest of the VIVERSE community. Head into your favorite World today and meet someone new!


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