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The Must-try AI Avatar Generators: Step-by-step Guide

image of ai avatar generator including photo to ai avatar of a penguin and text to ai avatar of a pink-headed teenager

In the digital landscape, AI avatars have become the contemporary means of embodying our virtual selves. Eschewing the traditional customization process, you can now effortlessly describe your ideal avatar or upload a photo for instant 3D rendering. For smooth animations, ensure your avatar is rigged and converted into the VRM file format before venturing into VIVERSE!

The Best 3 AI Avatar Generators

To create a 3D avatar with your text prompt, sign up for an account to get 200 credits for free. Then, input your desired text on the left side and click “Generate”. Make sure to include "with T pose" at the end for proper rigging of the limbs. Select one of the four avatars generated. If you're unsatisfied with the quality, refine it using the “Refine” button.

You can also try out the other “Image to 3D” feature and see your avatar generated in about three to five minutes. Note that once the character is generated, adjustments can’t be made.

a colorful polar bear in a striped scarf generated via Meshy’s Text-to-3D function
A polar bear wearing a scarf generated with the text-to-3D feature
screenshot of an image-to-3D generated 3D AI avatar of a man
A 3D AI avatar generated with the image-to-3D feature
  • Offered 3D modeling technique: Text to 3D, Image to 3D

  • Output format: FBX, OBJ, USDZ, GLB, STL, BLEND

  • Price: Free and paid subscription plans

  • Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux

With its integrated text-to-3D feature, MasterpieceX empowers you to describe any object, animal, or human you desire to generate. Human avatars come pre-rigged and can be animated. Before choosing a monthly credit pack, users will get 250 free credits upon registration. Remember to include “with T pose” at the end of your description to ensure clear and separate body parts.

a white and silver baby penguin standing in T pose, generated by MasterpieceX
A baby penguin generated with the text-to-3D feature
  • Offered AI 3D modeling technique: Text to 3D

  • Output format: FBX, GLB, USDZ

  • Price: Paid monthly credit packs

  • Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Navigate to the VIVERSE Avatar Creator and opt for the Realistic Avatar (Beta) feature. This free AI character maker turns your 2D selfie or portrait into a lively 3D character within a minute. Select your preferred base model, whether male or female, and ensure adequate lighting conditions. Remember to remove your glasses and refrain from smiling to keep your teeth hidden during the generation process. Alternatively, seamlessly initiate the transformation by uploading a photo. Wait for a minute, then you’ll get your rigged 3D avatar.

 Customize your clothes and accessories if you consider the default clothing too plain.

screenshot of selecting creating Realistic Avatar Beta in Avatar Creator
A full-body 3D AI avatar generated with the image-to-3D feature
  • Offered 3D modeling technique: Image to 3D

  • Output format: VRM

  • Price: Free

  • Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

AI Avatar FAQs

To answer your frequently asked questions, such as how to rig and convert, and how to use your AI avatar in VIVERSE, we’ve gathered the answers below.

1. How to rig an AI generated avatar?

Step 1: Among the available tools, we'll use Mixamo as an example of 3D model rigging software for demonstration. Begin by creating a Mixamo account and uploading your avatar in FBX, OBJ, or ZIP file format.

screenshot of uploading a 3D character to Mixamo

Step 2: Place markers of your avatar’s chin, wrists, elbows, knees, and groin on your avatar, and check the “Use Symmetry” box before clicking “Next” to start auto-rigging.

screenshot of using Mixamo‘s auto-rigger to place markers on the polar bear‘s body parts

Step 3: Review and check to see if you’re satisfied with the auto-rigged avatar. If you’d like to make adjustments, click on “Back” to change the markers or the skeleton LOD. If not, proceed by pressing “Next”.

reviewing the auto-gigged 3D character in Mixamo

Step 4: Click “Download” at the top right corner.

animation moves and a ready-to-download 3D rainbow polar bear

2. How to convert an FBX file into a VRM file?

Step 1: Among the 3D model conversion software options, let's use Blender as an example. Download Blender and install the VRM add-on for Blender.

Step 2: Import the previously rigged avatar in FBX file format.

importing a FBX file of a 3D model with VRM add-on for Blender

Step 3: Export the previously rigged avatar in VRM file format.

 exporting a FBX file of a 3D model with VRM add-on for Blender

Step 4: Assign all the necessary bones of each body part (head, neck, chest, spline, hips, upper arms, lower arms, hands, upper legs, lower legs, and feet are required.) Then click on “OK” to complete the process.

screenshot of VRM required bones assigned in Blender

3. How to use the converted AI VRM avatars in VIVERSE?

Step 1: Log in to VIVERSE and head to Avatar Creator, then select “Import VRM avatar” from the carousel menu.

screenshot of the VIVERSE Avatar Creator carousel selection, importing VRM avatar

Step 2: Select the VRM file from your device and click “Import” to upload it.

screenshot of importing a rainbow polar bear VRM 3D model into VIVERSE

Step3: Enter any VIVERSE World, and try out different reactions to see if your avatar got moves.

Recap and Summarize

As good as it may sound, AI avatar creators may spice up your digital journey, or it may take some trial and error as they're still in their Beta phase and might not be exactly what you pictured. Nonetheless, you should give the three handpicked AI avatar generators a try, as they're currently among the few AI character makers that support 3D avatars instead of 2D characters. Follow our step-by-step guide and set off on your AI avatar adventure today!


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