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Unleash Spooky Fun: Costume Up for the VIVERSE Halloween Maze Party 🎃

VIVERSE Avatars in Halloween costumes hanging out in Halloween Maze Party virtual World

Halloween is near, and VIVERSE is lighting up with spooky excitement! Get ready for a virtual Halloween like no other! VIVERSE is conjuring up a Halloween Maze Party, where you can join in on the fun by dressing up your Avatar in a costume, compete in a trick-or-treat candy collecting game!

As a bonus, there is a thrilling Scare Fest Treasure Hunt in the hidden VIVEPORT Haunted World! Search for the entrance while you explore the Maze Party to find hidden game codes or Infinity subscriptions.

🎉 Step into the Spooky Spectacle: VIVERSE Halloween Maze Party!

If you're ready for a Halloween adventure like never before, you're in for a treat (and maybe a few tricks) when you join the VIVERSE Halloween Maze Party! Our new Halloween World has just opened for spooks and sweet treats.

Your mission is to find the Jack-o'-lantern, beckoning you to enter the maze. Once you’re in, you'll need to collect three candies to unlock a surprise waiting for you at the maze's end. And, of course, no adventure is complete without some memories to take home, so don't forget to strike a pose in your costume at the photo spot!

A Virtual World Halloween Maze Party decorated with a candy bowl, pumpkin avatar, along with spooky fun halloween music

👻 Spooktacular Style: Dress Up Your Avatar for Halloween Fun!

Halloween and costumes go hand in hand, and this year, you're in for a real treat! In the spirit of dressing up, you can now transform your avatar into whatever your heart desires - whether it's a devilish trickster, a colorful ghost, or even a radiant sunflower. All you need to do is head over to the Avatar Creator, select your favorite Halloween costume, and voila! You're ready to join the VIVERSE Halloween Maze party in a spooktacular fashion!

VIVERSE Avatars in Halloween costumes hanging out in Halloween Maze Party virtual World

🎁 Bonus: Explore the hidden Haunted VIVEPORT World and Unlock Scare Fest Treats!

But wait, there's more to this thrilling Halloween celebration! It's not just about the VIVERSE Maze Party and your Avatar costumes; we've got another spine-tingling adventure waiting for you. Introducing the VIVEPORT Haunted World, a realm of eerie enchantment and surprises. Here, you'll find an exclusive limited-time offering during the VIVEPORT Scare Fest.

Your bravery might reward you with a free one-month VIVEPORT Infinity Standard subscription code or a VR game code*... You'll never know until you enter! Discover VIVEPORT’s Haunted World and dive headfirst into the Halloween season virtually between Oct 24 – Oct 31. Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on scarily great treats!

* Users must sign up or log in to VIVEPORT to redeem the rewards.

VIVEPORT’s Haunted World filled with Horror Games including Zombieland, Phasmophobia, Liminal Phase, and After the Fall for Scare Fest


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