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Utilize VIVERSE’s Free 3D Customizations Tools to Personalize Your Own Piece of the Metaverse!

Are you on the hunt for a unique way to explore and express your creativity? Look no further than VIVERSE – an immersive platform and cutting-edge virtual metaverse that lets you journey into customizing your own 3D virtual world, all free of charge!

A cozy virtual space in HTC's VIVERSE exhibiting several painting

With Starter Worlds, users are given a choice from three unique spaces that are customizable so you can have your own digital space. Offering incredible graphics, an immense selection of 3D objects with its easy-to-use interface, it's never been easier to customize your own 3D virtual world! Read on to learn more about how you can use VIVERSE to curate 3D environments, known as Starter Worlds, to unleash your creativity.

Discover VIVERSE Starter World 3D Environments


A clean, simple futuristic home environment to decorate with your favorite items for a casual hangout spot.


A unique and elegant gallery space perfect for displaying digital artwork and 3D objects.


A trendy, scenic indoor and outdoor virtual space to curate for events and meetups in VIVERSE!

Redeem Your Own Virtual World

Starter Worlds are a quick and easy way to create your own unique space in VIVERSE’s open metaverse.

To start designing your virtual world, go to, click “explore” and find the account sign-in button on the top right corner of your screen. Don’t have a VIVERSE account? It’s never too late to create one! Join the VIVERSE community now to claim your Starter World.

Once you’ve signed in or created your new account, head to your profile page by selecting the EXPLORE section to claim your gift. Select the Starter World icon under WORLDS and choose from one of the following options:

  • Home

  • Gallery

  • Villa

Once you’ve created a VIVERSE account, redeeming your free starter world is only a few clicks away!

Customize Your Own Space in the Metaverse

Once you’ve selected your favorite 3D World environment, it’s time to see just how easy it is to customize your own World and metaverse creation using VIVERSE. With the World editor tools, you can bring your selected environment to life by adding 3D models and objects with the Sketchfab Integration tool, which includes a growing library of virtual objects to comprise in your space, and learn to adjust them using the VIVERSE objects tool.

Whether you want to create a gallery, a virtual event, or just a cool place to hang out with friends, this tutorial shows you everything you need to get started to create a virtual world that is unique to you. So, dive in to start building!

Now that you have the basics of how to create a VIVERSE account and select your environment, it's time to really customize your starter world and learn how to decorate and create a metaverse space.

Explore the tools available and use them to make your world unique, engaging and push the limits of your imagination! Leverage VIVERSE to be your blank canvas and let your creativity guide you for the whole world to see! Whether you want to add 3D models, pictures, videos, let VIVERSE aid you in expressing the amazing ideas that reside inside your mind!

Embrace creativity and explore what is possible. Each person's world is guaranteed to be completely one-of-a-kind and that's the beauty of this immersive platform. So, take a deep dive into VIVERSE - customize your own starter world and join in on the adventure!

Visit VIVERSE User Starter Worlds for Inspiration
A collage of decorated 3D environments in the VIVERSE open metaverse platform

Climb your way to the top of the User board by sharing your Worlds with friends or on your social media channels to get the views and likes up! Meet, hang out, and play virtual world games together!

With your help and feedback, we plan to make VIVERSE more useful and valuable to you. Join our discord and help us learn how to build a metaverse for you and by you!


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