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VIVEPORT and BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Collaborate on the Original Anime IP "BIRDIE WING"

Through this collaboration with BNP,  Viveport will continue to enrich and diversify its content for mobile and social VR platforms – creating new and fun virtual entertainment opportunities. 

VIVEPORT and BANDAI NAMCO PicturesCollaborate on the Original Anime IP "BIRDIE WING", to be Released in 2022

December 14, 2021 - Taipei, Taiwan - VIVEPORT, HTC’s virtual reality (VR) content platform, today announced its first co-produced anime, BIRDIE WING – Golf Girls’ Story, made in collaboration with Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP), to be released next year. Its first trailer was launched last week, allowing global audiences a first glimpse at the new show.

“BIRDIE WING" is produced by Inagaki Takauki, who has also produced "Ninja Box" and "Sunabouze (Desert Punk)”, and the script coordinator is Kuroda Yosuke, who has previously produced "Robo Fighter Steel Bullet 00" and "My Hero Academy" – both of which are famous anime properties.

Joseph Lin, General Manager of Viveport said, "BIRDIE WING" is the first output of the collaboration between Viveport and Bandai Namco Pictures. It is not only the first anime IP that Viveport has invested in, but also the world’s first original anime featuring women’s golf. “BIRDIE WING" is an important milestone for our content strategy, and together with Viveport INFINITY, the world's only subscription-based VR content platform, our content ecosystem in the metaverse era is taking form.”

OZAKI Masayuki, President and CEO of BANDAI NAMCO Pictures said, “We at BANDAI NAMCO Pictures have always been devoted to original IP works, and this original women's golf production "BIRDIE WING" is just the first step in combining the innovations in working with Viveport. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Viveport to bring consumers around the world an unparalleled animation experience that goes beyond 2D.”

The collaboration highlights the robust business opportunities available through VR content partnerships.  Through this collaboration with BNP, Viveport will continue to enrich and diversify its content for mobile and social VR platforms – creating new and fun virtual entertainment opportunities. 

CAT ART virtual exhibition opens new exhibition rooms

In addition to its investment in original IPs such as BIRDIE WING, Viveport also brought the famed CAT ART creator Shu Yamamoto’s 2D cat characters to life in a virtual 3D space, and launched the Step into Cat Art Online Exhibition in September 2021. Today, a new exhibition area entitled A Place for Cat Art and Cat Creativity was also unveiled. In this new exhibition area, all visitors with VR devices can create 3D cat paintings together, providing an immersive and collaborative experience completely different from conventional physical exhibitions. In addition to A Place for Cat Art and Cat Creativity, a new secret chamber within the Cat Art exhibition is now available for visitors worldwide to explore.

Tickets for the Step into Cat Art Online Exhibition are available on its official website. Anyone who purchases a ticket can visit this exhibition an unlimited number of times on different devices using the same account, for the duration of the exhibition period.


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