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VIVERSE at Bett 2024: Powering ESG Gaming’s Award-Winning Initiative

We’re thrilled to share our experience at Bett 2024, the world's largest industry conference for the Education sector, where we proudly supported ESG Gaming, an innovative not-for-profit organisation in digital healthcare through spatial environments.

Bett 2024 event with ESG Gaming powered by VIVERSE

VIVERSE collaboration with ESG Gaming

At VIVERSE, we're committed to leveraging our technological expertise to make meaningful impacts. We've had the privilege of developing "The Dome” for ESG Gaming, a virtual reality space designed to enrich the social lives of those aged 50 and over. This digital healthcare platform, powered by VIVERSE and the VIVE XR Elite headsets is a gateway to wellness, learning, and community.

ESG Gaming's mission resonates deeply with our values at VIVERSE. Founded on a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the older generation, ESG Gaming strives to combat social isolation, depression, and dementia through immersive virtual experiences. Their focus on creating ethical, impactful, and accessible digital solutions aligns with our vision of using technology for the good of humanity.

Bett 2024 event with ESG Gaming powered by VIVERSE

The experience of “The Dome”

Powered by VIVERSE technology, “The Dome” offers a holistic approach to health and wellness through its three specialised rooms:

Health & Fitness Room: Here, users can engage in various fitness classes, tailored to suit their physical capabilities and interests. The room acts as an educational hub too. Discover interactive materials on diet, mental health, and general fitness provide users with valuable knowledge, empowering them to take control of their well-being.

Mindfulness Space: In this tranquil environment, users can participate in meditation and relaxation classes, essential for mental health and cognitive well-being. The space also offers virtual tours to stunning locations around the world, providing a serene escape from the everyday and a chance to experience new and beautiful settings that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

Auditorium: This space is designed for social engagement and intellectual stimulation. From stand-up comedy to motivational talks, and interactive lifestyle events, the Auditorium serves as a hub for community, learning, and entertainment. It's a place where laughter, learning, and shared experiences converge, helping to combat loneliness and social isolation.

Bett 2024 event with ESG Gaming powered by VIVERSE

Celebrating a milestone achievement

As the world’s largest EdTech show, it provided us with an unparalleled opportunity to meet educators, innovators, and thought leaders from around the globe. The interactions and insights gained have been invaluable, fuelling our passion for continuous innovation in the field of educational technology.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of "The Dome” by ESG Gaming as the Best Product at Bett 2024. This award is a remarkable acknowledgment of the hard work, dedication, and collaboration between ESG Gaming and VIVERSE. It reinforces our belief in the transformative power of spatial environments and esports in enhancing the quality of life for mature adults.

Bett 2024 event award given to ESG Gaming powered by VIVERSE

Powering spatial experiences with VIVERSE

Whether you are an educator, innovator, or technology enthusiast, your support and collaboration can help us make a difference in the world of EdTech. Together, let's shape a future where technology enhances learning, wellbeing, and community for all ages. To learn more about VIVERSE for your needs, schedule a demo with our team of experts. They're ready to guide you through the capabilities of VIVERSE for Business and answer any questions you may have.


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