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VIVERSE for Business Wins Best Immersive Collaboration Solution at XR Awards 2024

XR Awards 2024 VIVERSE Best Immersive Collaboration Solution

We're delighted to announce that VIVERSE for Business has won the Best Immersive Collaboration Solution award at the XR Awards 2024. We're honoured to win this award and extend our gratitude to our valued partners and customers for shaping VIVERSE for Business into a leading platform in immersive collaboration technology.

VIVERSE for Business offers a scalable spatial collaboration platform that goes beyond traditional 2D video conferencing. By leveraging VR, PC, and mobile devices, it provides lifelike avatars, AI-driven productivity tools, and highly optimised 3D environments. The platform enhances interactions among employees, partners, and clients, supporting diverse use cases such as team meetings, client presentations, design reviews, and training sessions.

Our integrations with enterprise systems ensures that companies can maintain their workflows within an immersive setting, driving both engagement and productivity.

The XR Awards by XR Today celebrates excellence and innovation in the extended reality industry. The awards honour the most impactful solutions across VR, AR, and MR, with the Best Immersive Collaboration Solution category recognizing platforms that significantly improve collaborative experiences through immersive technology. Please visit our website for more information about VIVERSE for Business and our award-winning solutions, or contact us directly.


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