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The Season of Giving Has Come to VIVERSE!

In the spirit of sharing, VIVERSE has assembled a bunch of holiday treats for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Check out our exciting lineup of activities that will give you the chance to earn some big prizes!

Here’s what you can do in VIVERSE this holiday season:

Get your free seasonal avatar outfit

It's time to get decked out for the holidays! New virtual avatar apparel has come to VIVE Avatar, our metaverse avatar creator. Get your digital self ready for the season with Christmas-colored clothes, Santa hats, reindeer horns, and other accessories.

Remember to save a new avatar with your favorite holiday items before they’re gone!

Visit our virtual wonderland

Our newest World, VIVERSE Park, is now open to the public. If you’ve already picked out your winter avatar attire, why not head on over for a look?

Better yet – bring your loved ones and experience the holiday magic together.

Join the 2022 Holiday Gift Hunt

Celebrate the season of giving with VIVERSE. We’ve hidden some holiday gift codes throughout VIVERSE Park for you to claim – or, if you’re feeling generous, to regift to someone special.

Each code can be redeemed for either a World Mystery Box or one of two kinds of Worlds: a Lakeside Suite or a Pure White Gallery. Be sure to redeem any code you find right away so no one else claims it!

Couldn’t find a gift code? Keep checking back as we add new ones! The 2022 Holiday Gift Hunt will end on January 2, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Enter the Holiday World Decorating Contest

Did you notice we gave you a free Starter World? Visit your profile page to claim it if you haven’t already. You can use it to enter our Holiday World Decorating Contest and win a World Mystery Box!

What’s this contest all about? From December 20, 2022, to January 2, 2023, we challenge you to create your own holiday-inspired World and invite others to come and enjoy the atmosphere you've created. Get the most visitors to your themed World to win a special prize.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Claim your free Starter World and unleash your creativity by decorating it with holiday-themed pictures, 3D models, videos, music, and more.

  2. Check your World’s settings to make sure it is listed as “Public.” (Private Worlds can’t be seen by others!)

  3. Post your holiday-themed World on the VIVERSE Discord's #share-to-win channel to let us know you want to join the competition and also have your World displayed on our Holiday Worlds collection and social media pages.

  4. Invite people to your World by sharing its URL with them. The higher the number of visits your World gets, the better your chances of winning.

  5. Check our Discord on January 3, 2023, to see if you’ve won. Prize redemption codes will be emailed to the top three participants after the announcement.

Participate in our VIVE World AMA

VIVERSE is hosting a special ask-me-anything (AMA) event in Mandarin. The event will take place on December 21, 2022, at 12:30 p.m. PST within our VIVERSE Discord server.

Got something you want to ask? A member of the VIVERSE team will be around to answer your many questions about Worlds. Don't miss this chance to learn from our World expert!


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