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HTC VIVERSE's First Virtual Fashion Show in Collaboration with Shih Chien University and ELLEverse

VIVERSE Avatars wearing designer's outfits voguing in metaverse fashion showroom

HTC VIVERSE, in collaboration with Shih Chien University and ELLEverse, has opened the 2023 SCFD SHOW - a fashion event that takes place in VIVERSE within a virtual world. This exciting event not only introduces a new way of experiencing virtual fashion but also brings outfit NFTs to Market.

The 2023 SCFD SHOW featured 16 uniquely designed avatar outfits created by senior students majoring in fashion design at Shih Chien University. These 3D fashion outfits are currently available for purchase as NFTs on Market, giving users a chance to dress up their VIVERSE Avatar in high-end designer clothes.

Explore the Fashion via VIVERSE Worlds

With the 2023 SCFD SHOW, VIVERSE is showcasing the future of fashion in a virtual world. Users can enter the Lobby to discover unique outfits from the design students at Shih Chien University who, in collaboration with ELLEverse, created the first-ever virtual fashion show. In this world, you can experience the latest fashion trends in a new and exciting way, in the metaverse.

The Lobby showcases the students' designs and is the initial portal to the rest of the fashion Worlds. Walk through the virtual fashion show lobby to uncover the portals to three curated fashion Worlds: Eden, Cyberpunk, and Gaia! Each space offers a unique setting, where students curated the style of the Worlds to reflect and balance their beautifully designed pieces.

Fashion shows in the metaverse provide a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their work to a global audience. By just sharing a link to a World in VIVERSE, designers now have a new way of networking in 3D environments. The digital space offers a platform to cultivate relationships, showcase artwork, and expand the possibilities of digital marketing.

Unleashing the potential of VIVERSE Market NFT Opportunities

By bringing outfit NFTs into VIVERSE, HTC is creating new opportunities for designers and fashion enthusiasts. NFTs allow for the creation and ownership of digital assets, providing a new way for designers to monetize their work and for consumers to invest in unique pieces.

For those interested in owning a piece of virtual fashion history, the 2023 SCFD SHOW NFT collection is available for viewing and purchase on Market. Each NFT available is a unique outfit designed by a talented student at Shih Chien University, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any digital wardrobe.

Collect Pieces of Fashion History

The artistically designed fashion pieces are now available as collectibles in Market. The SCFD Collection available now includes a virtual clothing store with Ready-to-Wear Avatar outfits as well as display Artwork NFTs. The student designers have created a beautiful collection full of various styles of digital clothing and there’s something for everyone! From Avant-Garde pieces to Y2K fashion, users can select a new fit for their Avatar or collect artwork to display in their own Worlds!

If there is a designer outfit you like in Market, you can log into your account and purchase it! On the Market page, sign up or sign into your account and select “buy now” to purchase with a credit card. Once you’ve purchased the ready-to-wear outfit to play virtual dress-up, you can either create a new Avatar or upgrade an existing Avatar’s fit! For the artwork, you can redeem the 3D fashion digital assets and place them into your own World!

HTC VIVERSE's collaboration with Shih Chien University and ELLEverse for the 2023 SCFD SHOW is a groundbreaking event that showcases the future of fashion and virtual outfits in the digital world. By bringing outfit NFTs to Market, designers, and fashion enthusiasts alike have a new way to create, own, and invest in virtual clothing that will shape the future of the fashion industry!

Virtual outfits and digital dresses that are available for purchase in the virtual clothing store, Market
Browse through digital dress and 3D fashion in our virtual clothing store in Market like never before!


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