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Halloween has arrived on VIVERSE & VIVEPORT

Huge VIVEPORT Giveaways & Spooky World Exploration in the VIVERSE this Halloween

There’s a treat for everyone this Halloween – and a couple of tricks! From Halloween hit giveaways to virtual haunted houses, you’ve got plenty to jump into this All Hallows’ Eve.

VIVEPORT Halloween: Creepy Collections & Keep Ancient Dungeon Forever

Kickstart this Halloween with our Creepy Collections, our curated playlists for VIVEPORT Infinity Subscribers. Check out Big Scares if you’re an intense horror lover, or head over to Small Spooks if you prefer lighthearted fun.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a real treat lined up – all Infinity Subscribers get to keep Ancient Dungeon, the latest spooky adventure, to join our Infinity library! This rogue-like dungeon crawler has you uncovering deep and dark secrets while facing fearsome foes. Annual Subscribers get an additional 3 months of Infinity on us, too!

VIVEPORT’s Halloween event is live until November 2nd, 2022, 23:59 PDT

VIVERSE: Explore Worlds & Limited-Time Accessories

Step into two Halloween-themed Worlds in Spooky Town, and try on limited-time accessories to get into the spirit!

Halloween Accessories It’s time for one of the best parts of Halloween – dressing up!

· Three Pumpkin Head styles in Hairstyles

· Skull and Spider in Male Accessories

· Devil Horn and Spider in Female Accessories

· Halloween-themed shirts, trousers, and skirts in Outfits

VIVERSE Halloween Accessories are available until November 2nd, 2022, 23:59 PDT

VIVERSE Spooky House Take selfies in our Halloween-themed room, with plenty of cute and evil statues to pose in front of!

Hotel of the Underworld Wander the streets of an abandoned cyberpunk Japanese block of apartments, each filled with fierce-looking ghosts and monsters. What happens beyond the smoggy staircase down to the streets might seem a little out of reach...

Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt

Okay, we may have tricked you... VIVERSE Spooky House is a little more than a great place to take selfies in!

From October 28 to October 31 (PDT), you can search our Spooky House for one of a limited number of hidden prize codes.

Search for hidden objects around the Spooky House, and you’ll find a redemption code for a free month of Infinity. Once you’ve located the code, head to VIVEPORT to purchase your Infinity Monthly Subscription but make sure to enter the code before you checkout.

This last treat might give you the biggest scream of all. There is an additional mystery box that could land you with a redemption code for a VIVE World, worth $88 USD!

Once you find the redemption code, you’ll have to claim it before someone else finds it to get either an Isle of Dusk or a Minimalist Studio.

VIVERSE Trick-or-Treat Event will be live October 28th-31st, 2022, PDT

Whether you’re slashing zombies on VIVEPORT Infinity or tiptoeing around ancient Japanese monsters, we hope you have a hauntingly wicked Halloween.


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