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Vodafone Oman's Digital Twin at COMEX powered by VIVERSE

VIVERSE and Vodafone logos

We are thrilled to share our latest collaboration with Vodafone Oman, where we brought their physical booth at the COMEX event to life in a spatial environment powered by VIVERSE. At VIVERSE, we're offering a spatial collaboration platform that tailors to a wide array of uses, with one of the most compelling being the creation of Digital Twins.

Creating a Digital Twin for events

Events, whether B2B or consumer-focused, remain a crucial application within the Metaverse. Platforms like VIVERSE provide an immersive experience that goes beyond physical limitations, allowing for broader participation and interaction. The creation of a Digital Twin for Vodafone Oman’s booth at COMEX shows this potential in action. Through our spatial technology, attendees could explore a high-resolution 3D replica of the Vodafone stand, engage with others, and gain insights into Vodafone Oman’s innovations.

Vodafone Oman: Pioneering Technological Advancements

It is inspiring to see technology leaders like Vodafone Oman embracing new technologies to stay at the cutting edge of their industry. By leveraging VIVERSE, Vodafone Oman showcased their technological prowess and demonstrated the practical benefits of their enterprise solutions to Omani businesses, driving digital transformation and economic growth in the region.

One of the standout aspects of this project was our ability to respond swiftly to Vodafone Oman’s request. Despite the complexity, the digital twin of the Vodafone stand was planned and executed in just a few weeks. VIVERSE’s capability to adapt quickly and efficiently to new demands ensures our clients can make the most of their opportunities in a timely manner.

Aneth Guerra, Vodafone Oman’s Chief Operating Officer said, “Our participation underscores our commitment to driving digital transformation and economic growth in Oman, equipping enterprises with the tools they need to succeed in today’s dynamic digital landscape.”

Digital Twin of Vodafone Oman's stand at COMEX powered by VIVERSE

Explore the Digital Twin

We invite you to explore the Vodafone Oman digital twin and experience firsthand how VIVERSE is redefining the event landscape. You can visit the digital twin here and witness the future of events today.

Our collaboration with Vodafone Oman is just one example of how we are enabling companies to showcase their innovations and connect with audiences in new and exciting ways. We look forward to helping more businesses leverage VIVERSE's technology to create Digital Twins of physical environments. Schedule a call with our spatial experts to discuss your projects with us.


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