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VR Infinite Walking: Let’s walk into the “infinite” virtual world!

Reference: Virtual Girl Nem

two female avatars walking on the sidewalk, demonstrating VR infinite walking

🔎 The Inside Scoop: Why We Handpicked This Article for Repost Confined by the physical space and unable to fully explore the virtual world could be rather frustrating during the VR experience. The treadmill used by the leading actor in the movie “Ready Player One” is every VR user's dream, but there's actually a much simpler solution. Come see how Nem and her friends achieve VR infinite walking! (By VIVERSE Editorial Team)

People! Open the door to the “infinite”! What is this “VR Infinite Walking” that has become a secret trend in the metaverse, allowing you to walk anywhere in virtual spaces? In this article, we will introduce the techniques and methods for achieving it. Master the art of infinite walking and bring out the presence and cuteness of your avatar to the fullest!

What is “VR Infinite Walking”?

“VR Infinite Walking” refers to the technique of users walking endlessly in virtual spaces, such as in social VR and other metaverses, while moving their feet. In the real world, the play area is limited, so it is common to move by tilting the joystick and sliding on the floor without physically moving your feet. With VR Infinite Walking, you move your feet and walk in a way that feels like you are actually walking in the real world.

This dramatically enhances the sense of presence of your character. When someone approaches you with infinite walking, you can feel the sensation of them actually taking step by step closer to you, making your heart race with excitement. It is a technique currently gaining significant attention in the metaverse for bringing out the presence and cuteness of avatars. 

The Principle of “VR Infinite Walking”

It may seem like magic, but the principle behind it is quite simple. In the real world, you secure a space where you can take a few steps and walk in a figure-eight pattern to avoid colliding with walls. By using controllers to “rotate the avatar in the opposite direction of your body” when your body rotates, you can make it appear as if you were walking straight in the virtual space.

a female avatar walking in a figure-eight pattern in the physical world in contrast to walking straight via infinite walking in the metaverse

Once you get used to it, you can perform infinite walking without even consciously thinking about it. This allows users to finally step into the “infinite” world while being inside their rooms!

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. - Neil Armstrong

Let’s Try “VR Infinite Walking”

During your practice sessions, make sure that you have enough space cleared in your room where you can take a few steps. Keep the play area always visible and be careful not to collide with walls. Also, be aware that it can cause significant VR motion sickness, so don’t push yourself too hard.

I personally tried it without any prior experience, and after about an hour of practice, I was able to do it a little bit. So, it seems like anyone can do it with some practice? Once again, I’ve come to realize that even the way people walk is unique to every individual. I thought this would become an important performance technique in the era of the metaverse.

“VR Infinite Walking” Tutorial

VTuber “Virtual Girl Nem” and “Aisu Noyuri” conducted a live stream where they were instructed by “Ishino Naka” as the instructor of “VR Infinite Walking” in VRChat! How far can they go on their first attempt?


In the live stream, they not only walked straight but also demonstrated advanced techniques such as walking up and down stairs and slalom walking. It’s incredibly adorable, so it’s a must-see!


We have added chapters to the archived stream, so please take a look, even if it’s just the beginning where Naka-chan demonstrates her techniques! I think you’ll be quite surprised when you actually see it!

“VR Infinite Walking” Tutorial (In Japanese)

  • 08:24 Ishino Naka’s demonstration of “VR Infinite Walking” technique!

  • 12:13 Comparison of 6-point tracking, 10-point tracking, and 11-point tracking.

  • 19:50 Secure room space before practice.

  • 22:54 The principle of “VR Infinite Walking”!

  • 46:50 Practice session for “VR Infinite Walking” on the spot.

  • 1:12:30 Results of the “VR Infinite Walking” practice!

  • 1:14:42 Advanced techniques for “VR Infinite Walking” - walking up and down stairs.

  • 1:24:13 Advanced techniques for “VR Infinite Walking” - slalom walking.


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