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VRoid: Your Go-to Full-body Anime Character Creator

Male and female VRoid avatars with different postures

Imagine a universe where creativity reigns supreme, and your wildest anime character fantasies come to fruition. That universe is VIVERSE, an interconnected world of experiences that beckon you to explore its wonders. First, we'll unveil the secrets of making your own anime characters with VRoid Studio. Then, we'll reveal how to introduce these characters into VIVERSE, where dreams are brought to life, and every VRM avatar becomes a hero in their own story.

Step 1 Your Anime, Your Way: Dive into Character Creation with VRoid

Creating your own characters is a breeze with VRoid Studio, your ultimate avatar maker. After downloading and installing the software, launch it.

Vroid Studio homepage, download for free
Select the software compatible with your device and download it.
Customizable face feature of VRoid Studio
On the left is various face sets you can choose from while you can adjust various parameters on the right.

Customize your character's look by manipulating features like hairstyle, clothing, and facial expressions using the intuitive tools at your disposal. Don't forget to import textures and accessories for that extra touch of uniqueness. One thing to keep in mind is that you should save the .VRoid original file if you wish to edit your anime character in the future as the VRM file isn’t editable.

VRoid body customizable feature screenshot
Customize your whole body from height, body size, to neck length.
VRoid accessories customizable feature screenshot
Choose your desired accessories and rearrange their placement as you wish.
export VRoid avatar to VRM file screenshot
Don’t forget to fill in the required VRM settings, your name (or nickname) and your character’s name.

Step 2 Accessorize Like a Pro: VRoid Hub's Treasure Trove Awaits

VRoid Hub is your go-to source for expanding your avatar creator toolkit. Start by creating a Pixiv account. Afterward, you can browse an extensive selection of items for your characters. Whether you need a new hairstyle or a unique accessory, you'll find it here. Click on the item you want, and then hit the "Download" button to save it to your avatar maker resources.

Download items with VRoidHub screenshot
Click on ‘Use this model’ to download the items you adore.

Step 3 Get Ready to Rock VIVERSE with Your VRoid Avatar!

Once you’re satisfied with the avatar you created with VRoid Studio, simply click on the share button on the top right corner, and select ‘Export as VRM’. Then, fill in the required VRM settings. (Learn more: What is VRM? Exploring the World of VRM Avatars)

Finally, go to Avatar in VIVERSE to create your avatar. Select ‘Import VRM Avatar’ and you're all set!

import VRoid avatar to VIVERSE screenshot
Create your avatar by selecting ‘Import VRM avatar’ and browse your Vroid avatar you created on your device.


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