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What is VR Sleep? The Innovative Solution to Insomnia

Reference: Virtual Girl Nem

Virtual Girl Nem hugging another VTuber on a bed

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Have you heard of VR Sleep before? In fact, VR Sleep has been in practice for many years. Many VR heavy users engage in virtual sleep sessions together, not only to alleviate feelings of loneliness but also to explore a unique social interaction in the virtual space. Research even suggests that immersive virtual environments contribute to improving sleep difficulties.

Let's delve into Nem's firsthand experience and discover the benefits of this interesting phenomenon! (By VIVERSE Editorial Team)

Sleeping together with everyone while wearing a VR head-mounted display in the metaverse creates a feeling of being on a school trip every day. Even heavy users of VRChat, a popular metaverse platform, engage in VR Sleep on a daily basis. In this article, let’s explore its reality, methods, as well as the pros and cons.

What is “VR Sleep”?

a pig wearing a VR headset
What it looks like to get a “VR Sleep”


“VR Sleep” refers to the act of multiple users wearing VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) and virtually gathering in one place to sleep together in the VR world. Similar to a school trip, it allows for a sense of togetherness and camaraderie even while sleeping, and since it is in a virtual environment, it is possible to safely share the same sleeping space with people one may not know in real life.

a pig wearing a VR headset as it has a “VR Sleep” with his fellow friends
How it feels like to be in a “VR Sleep”

In recent years, it has become a quiet trend in social VR platforms like VRChat, with some heavy users regularly practicing VR Sleep almost every day.

The term gained more recognition in Japan after being featured on the popular NHK TV program “Nehorin Pahorin” with a guest appearance by Virtual Girl Nem. Given the current situation of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VR Sleep has garnered attention as a new method to connect with others safely and without risks.

How to Engage in “VR Sleep”

To participate in VR Sleep, one simply needs to wear an HMD and gather in a social VR platform, such as VRChat, to sleep together. However, it is important to note that this usage is not originally intended by the manufacturers. Current HMDs are not designed for prolonged use, so they can be heavy and uncomfortable to sleep with.

a demo of how the VR Sleep works on a pig in pajamas
How does the “VR Sleep” work?

Additionally, since they are not specifically designed to be worn while lying down, there may be protrusions at the back of the head, making it challenging to maintain a stable position. It may require some adjustments, such as using two pillows to support the head or using a bean bag cushion. In VR worlds like VRChat, there are dedicated VR Sleep worlds that automatically place avatars in a sleeping position. Searching on Twitter with keywords like “睡眠ワールド (sleeping world)” will yield numerous results.


There are also features like the “VRC Sleep System,” which forcefully puts the avatar in a sleeping posture.


For a more immersive experience where the avatar’s body aligns perfectly with the sleeping position, a technology called “full body tracking” can be used. This involves attaching trackers to the waist and legs, allowing the avatar to precisely mirror the real-life sleeping posture.

VIVE Trackers and VIVE controllers
Equipment used for VR Sleep

However, these trackers do not have long-lasting battery life, so additional measures like attaching external batteries may be necessary for a VR Sleep session.

Benefits and Drawbacks of “VR Sleep”

three female VTubers sleeping alongside one another
VTubers having a VR Sleep together


  • The joy of sleeping together and the sense of togetherness with others (no feeling of loneliness while sleeping, knowing someone will be there when you wake up)

  • The safety and comfort of sleeping in the same space as others in the virtual realm


  • Current VR equipment is not optimized for VR Sleep, which can lead to sweating and discomfort, and it may take time to adapt, affecting the quality of sleep.

Real-life Experience of “VR Sleep”

Now, let’s take a glimpse into the fascinating world of “VR Sleep”! You may be eager to try it out yourself, but it can be quite challenging. First, please watch these video to see an actual demonstration of “VR Sleep.”

“VR Sleep” Show — Sleeping together in the Metaverse, everyday feels like a school trip!

Having a VR Sleep with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker


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