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You Can Now Claim Up to Four Starter Worlds for Free!

a VIVERSE user and the four starter worlds he created to fulfill different scenarios

Just arrived in VIVERSE and unsure where to begin your creative journey? Are your creative juices flowing, but feeling constrained by limited starter Worlds? We're here to help! Explore a diverse selection of starter World styles, each designed to spark your imagination in its own unique way. Plus, we've rounded up some user-friendly tools to make your journey even smoother. Ready to dive in and bring your imagination to life? Let's get started and discover the endless possibilities waiting for you in VIVERSE!


Claim Up to Four Starter Worlds for Free

Whether you're just getting started in VIVERSE or further along in your creative journey, here's some exciting news: all VIVERSE users can now claim up to four starter Worlds, completely free of charge! Choose from a variety of starter World styles to perfectly match your vision.

But wait, there's more! Managing your 3D spaces has never been easier. You now have the freedom to delete your World or edit details as you please. Ready to explore and create?


How to Get Your Starter World

Step 1: Sign up or log in to VIVERSE and navigate to “My worlds.” Hit the “Create” button.

a screenshot of a create button on My Worlds page in VIVERSE


Step 2: Choose the style that fits your creative ideas. Your world quota will show on the upper right of the pop-up.

a screenshot of the starter World options for VIVERSE users


Step 3: Edit the basic information of your World and start the creation!


Here are some tips

  • After finishing your creation, you can take a screenshot and upload it as the thumbnail to show everyone the highlight of your World.

a screenshot of user editing the details of a starter World

  • Make room for new Worlds by deleting the older Worlds.

a screenshot of user deleting a starter World

Looking for Creator Tools?

Ready to head down the path of world creation but not sure where to start? Explore our Beginners’ Guides for a comprehensive overview of basic creator tools and tips from VIVERSE to kickstart your creative journey.


For those interested in taking their creations to the next level, delve into our Creator Tool section, offering advanced tools and features to unleash your full creative potential in the realm of 3D design.



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