BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum is Now Open on VIVERSE!

If you're a fan of Japanese anime or the sport of golf, you don't want to miss "BIRDIE WING - Golf Girl's Story," the first anime series featuring women's golf that was originally produced by Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP) in collaboration with HTC. The views in Japan and Asia-Pacific are in the millions when the anime is on-air and NOW, the BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum is open on VIVERSE!

Enter the virtual exhibition to explore more about the characters, golf course design and the art production of BIRDIE WING. Explore the BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum for free from now until December 31st, 2022.

BIRDIE WING- Golf Girls' Story :

One day, Eve who is struggling to make a living by playing underground golf, meets Aoi Amawashi, an innocent girl from a wealthy family with exquisite golfing skills. Two golfers from very different backgrounds become fascinated by each other and together

their talents as golf geniuses collide, to shake up the world of women's golf!


BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum


From now until Dec 31st access "BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum" for free and with unlimited entry to the virtual exhibit.

*We recommend using a PC/Mac or mobile device (Android: at least 6GB of RAM/ iOS: iPhone 13 and newer) to enter "BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum" for a better experience.