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Introducing the Freshly Upgraded VIVERSE App! Greet Your Friends with the AR Feature

VIVERSE upgraded the VIVERSE mobile app with new augmented reality feature

The VIVERSE team is elated to announce the release of the freshly upgraded VIVERSE App! Immerse yourself like never before with the revolutionary AR features, combining virtual and physical worlds!

VIVERSE has been supporting multiple platforms and devices since its launch last year, reducing the barriers to entering the metaverse. You can quickly access through browsers on computers, devices, and tablets, or dive into a more immersive VR experience. Over the past few months, the VIVERSE team has been continuously optimizing the VIVERSE App, enabling users to instantly enjoy it right at their fingertips.

The VIVERSE App seamlessly merges the virtual and physical realms through AR capabilities, delivering an immersive blend of mixed reality and virtual experiences. Within the freshly updated VIVERSE App, a single login grants you the freedom to navigate through various worlds, experiencing the upgraded virtual space, purchasing digital assets through Market, creating your virtual representation with Avatar, and engaging in innovative social interactions powered by AR features.

Unveiling the exciting new features of the VIVERSE App:


We’ve enhanced and refined various features of the VIVERSE virtual space in the app version. These enhancements include 360-degree control of avatar perspective, enhanced 3D scene quality with higher resolution, and interactive environmental objects. You can preview these features exclusively in the mobile-exclusive event 'Liminal Space: Don't Feed the Plant.' Furthermore, we’ll be upgrading all Worlds across different platforms, offering a multitude of diverse metaverse content and a continuous lineup of captivating virtual events.

Moreover, the app version of World now includes the ‘jump’ move, adding to the repertoire of dance moves, greetings, and catwalks with improved visual quality and fluidity. So, gather your friends and embark on a World adventure!


The app version of Market allows you to purchase digital collectibles and securely manage your personal virtual assets. You can effortlessly browse and buy digital artworks created by VIVERSE ecosystem partners worldwide without leaving the app. Additionally, you can acquire empowering NFTs like exclusive Worlds and Avatar outfits to curate your unparalleled metaverse self-expression.


Within the app version of Avatar, you can customize everything from hairstyles, skin tones, to outfits. You can also dress your Avatar in fashion outfits purchased from Market, transforming into the epitome of style in the metaverse.

For a more advanced version of your Avatar, you can download VIVE Avatar Creator App to create a lifelike representation through face scanning or import VRM files using the web-based Avatar Creator. All Avatars can be seamlessly accessed across multiple platforms and devices with a single login.


Introducing our latest innovation exclusively for App users – the augmented reality (AR) feature! Once you’ve created your Avatar, you can bring it to life in the real world through your phone’s camera, bringing a heightened sense of realism and allowing you to share life’s moments with friends in a more interactive manner.

The initial AR capabilities are divided into two forms:

1. View in Your Space

Simply point the camera or tap on a flat surface within the frame (e.g., a table or the floor) to place your virtual avatar and select actions. Capture stunning photos and videos that combine the virtual and real worlds, preserving wonderful memories during your travels

2. Create AR Message

Select your desired background, actions, and input text or voice messages to send to all social platforms. When your friends receive the message link you send, they can see your Avatar and the message, with the option to view it in their own space.

We have exciting plans to release more AR features in the near future. Join VIVERSE on Discord for the latest updates and news!

What are the differences between the VIVERSE App version and versions on other platforms?

Devices and platforms supported for VIVERSE, including PC/mobile browser, VR browser, and mobile app

Explore with your preferred device! VIVERSE app is now available on Google Play.

Get VIVERSE App on Google Play

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Embark on Your VIVERSE Journey

Register as a VIVERSE user now to receive the “Starter World” where you can utilize Sketchfab’s built-in collection of free 3D objects or upload NFTs and files to decorate your space. Turn on your computer, log in to World, and you’ll find the Starter World voucher. Unleash your creativity and build a unique personal space in VIVERSE!

Claim a virtual space for free by signing up for VIVERSE
Upon entering "My World," navigate to the dropdown menu and select "Unused Worlds in Account / Wallet" to locate the voucher. You get to choose from a continuously updated collection of free 3D assets.


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