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10 Best 3D Animation Software for Beginners and Artists

As the curtains rise on the stage of 3D animation, a symphony of pixels and creativity unfolds, crafting intricate visual tapestries. Join us as we explore the top 10 3D animation software, uncovering tools that not only sculpt mesmerizing visuals but also hold the key to unlocking the gates of VIVERSE—a digital haven where individuals can traverse, interact, and engage in captivating experiences, transcending physical limitations.

Using 3D animation software to adjust the male and female avatars

1. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine, from Epic Games, is the go-to game development engine for superior games with advanced animations. The Sequencer toolset produces striking animated videos. It's great for team projects, featuring collaboration tools and multi-platform compatibility. The engine supports various animations, including skeletal, morph target, and procedural, along with motion capture and an advanced physics engine. Impressively, usage is free until $1 million earnings, transitioning to a 5% royalty.

Screenshot of a 3D model in Unreal Engine

Source: Unreal Engine

2. Akeytsu

Boasting a clean, minimalist UI that equips beginners with essential animation tools, Akeytsu's emphasis on simplicity and ease of use remains consistent throughout its array of features. With claims of being tailored by animators for animators, anyone passionate about animation should feel comfortable navigating this platform in no time.

Screenshot of a male avatar in Akeytsu

Source: Akeytsu

3. Mixamo

Within Mixamo, users import their 3D files and indicate vital attributes like knees and elbows. The enchantment of Mixamo unfolds, conjuring a sophisticated, finely tuned rig, meticulously prepared to facilitate impeccable 3D animation. An extensive selection of animation files is available, thoughtfully categorized by genre, streamlining the process of pairing chosen animations with your rigged model. Customizability ensures seamless adaptation to your project's individual requisites.

Screenshot of various avatars in Mixamo

Source: Mixamo

4. Daz Studio

Catering primarily to hobbyists, Daz Studio is a 3D animation software that streamlines workflow with thoughtful shortcuts. Users can either acquire pre-made models from the marketplace or begin with presets and customize them to their liking. Notably, this software is available for free. Furthermore, Daz Studio offers a 3D Content Marketplace for trading models, poses, and props. An annual season pass provides access to assets and webinars.

Screenshot of the Daz Studio homepage

Source: Daz Studio

5. Maya

Maya is favored among 3D animators for its adaptable interface. Its extensive toolkit allows for the creation of intricate elements like fur, hair, clothing, fluids, and particles. Maya’s user-friendly auto-rig tool handles quadrupeds and winged models, eliminating manual rigging tasks. This software streamlines character setup, producing a sophisticated rig ready for animation. Furthermore, Maya integrates automation tools for effortless curve and path-based animation, making 3D animation a straightforward process.

Screenshot of the user interface in Maya

Source: Autodesk Maya

6. 3ds Max

Recognized as a major commercial 3D animation software, 3ds Max is a top contender for game development, visual effects, and architectural visualization. It offers capabilities like particle and light simulation, and a dynamic cloth engine, and introduces its proprietary scripting language, MAXScript. Its prowess in 3D modeling spans polygon, subdivision surface, and spline-based methods, while also enabling the transformation of point cloud data.

Screenshot of the user interface in 3ds Max

7. Cinema 4D

Driven by OpenGL, this 3D animation software employs a real-time viewport, enhancing the depth of field and screen space reflection control. Export preview renders from this captivating view for client validation. The real-time viewport harmonizes with the Bodypaint tool, showcasing instant texture adjustments. For accelerated rendering, Cinema 4D features a LOD tool that simplifies objects based on camera distance and other considerations.

Screenshot of the user interface in Cinema 4D

Source: Cinema 4D

8. MotionBuilder

The hub for capturing, editing, and playing back intricate animations with efficiency. Elevate your workflow in an interactive environment while smoothly exchanging data between Maya, 3ds Max, and other 3D content tools. Unleash a real-time 3D character engine that effortlessly crafts believable movements for human skeletons. Its dynamic manipulation tools allow fluid character adjustments to create or modify animations. Trusted by leading animation and game studios for its rapid high-quality animation production.

Screenshot of 3D models within Motion Builder

Source: MotionBuilder

9. DeepMotion

Offering accessible motion capture anywhere, anytime, you could seamlessly animate characters with DeepMotion’s AI-powered solution. First, choose your video. Either capture your video on any device or find an online video. Next, upload VRM, FBX, or GLB avatars. Finally, customize your settings with Face & Hand Tracking, Physics Simulation, and more for realistic 3D animations.

Screenshot of a 3d model kicking soccer in Deep Motion

Source: DeepMotion transforms motion capture, employing regular cameras for high-fidelity capture anywhere. Utilizing off-the-shelf cameras, mobile devices, and advanced technologies like computer vision and deep learning, it facilitates motion capture in diverse environments. Quick setup covers 1 to 3 individuals, ensuring precise movement for seamless integration into game engines.

Demonstration of how motion capture works in


As we conclude our journey through the realm of 3D animation software, it's time to witness how these powerful tools translate into an extraordinary visual experience. The stage is set, get ready to awaken your senses with Liminal Space.

Step beyond the threshold of ordinary creativity and explore the extraordinary dimensions of VIVERSE, driven by the finesse of cutting-edge 3D animation software.


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