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Unlocking VRChat's Secret Dance Floors: A Guide to Navigating VRChat's Underground Dance Scene

male and female avatars dancing in VRChat’s underground dance scene

The VRChat underground dance community is easily one of the best examples of why virtual reality is here to stay. It would be impossible to put a dollar amount on the value people are getting from the sense of community, belonging and artistic discovery found through participating in these VR dance events.


Thousands from across the globe, transcending physical boundaries and cultural divides, are drawn to the pulsating heart of VRChat's underground dance scene. Yet, despite its growing popularity, this community remains an enigma, accessible only to those who know where to look. This exclusivity is both a shield and a gate, protecting the integrity and quality of the experience from those who might disrupt it, while also inviting the truly dedicated to embarking on a journey into the underbelly of VRChat.


This guide is not about pointing you to empty VR dance worlds but to living, breathing virtual spaces where the best parties in the metaverse reside.

Image from Sanctum Venice Film Festival Showcase featuring ANTIK
Sanctum Venice Film Festival Showcase featuring ANTIK

Social Media: Your Magic Portal

Leverage platforms like X (Twitter) and Instagram, where hashtags like #VRCrave and #VRChatparty serve as light houses. Club organizers use these tags to broadcast events, share highlights, and build their communities. From there, you can simply search for their discord link in their bio and follow the instructions to join events. Each Discord server is a portal to a new micro community, with its own rules for entry and participation, but once you’re inside their discord group, congratulations, you’ve done most of the heavy lifting.


The Power of Posters

A good portion of popular VRChat dance venues have clickable posters. By joining the VRChat groups they advertise, you ensure a direct line to notifications to live events, further enriching your virtual nightlife experience. The accompanying Discord links reveal calendars of upcoming raves, ensuring you're always in the loop.


DJs and Beats: Follow the Sound

While navigating VRChat, you will find public VR dance events with a DJ playing their mix. Befriending them and exploring the VRChat groups they're a part of opens a new avenue of experiences. Most DJs in public dance worlds want to be surrounded with people that vibe with their music, so they’re always looking for friends. Plus, keeping up with them is a great way to get invited when they play at more exclusive venues.

Image from Shelter Virtual Riot Simulation DLC event featuring 2TD
Shelter Virtual Riot Simulation DLC event featuring 2TD

Chat with VRChat Dancers in Public Worlds

Perhaps the most organic method of discovery is through conversation. Club Orion stands out as a beacon for public VR dance events, but the scene is ever evolving. Engage with people dancing in full body tracking as they would be more than happy to guide you if you ask politely. They will point you to the VRChat groups and Discord servers you can join to find your way into the underground scene.


Parting Thoughts

While the pathway to these underground events might seem daunting, it's by design. This barrier preserves the quality and integrity of the space, ensuring that those who enter are there for the right reasons. Keep an eye out for events in venues like Shelter, Club Loner, Hei$t, Tube, Sanctum, and Ghost Club as they are well-renowned within the VRChat dance community, each with its own unique atmosphere and following.

Image from The Explosive Rise of VRChat Clubbing featuring the Tube UK club district.
The Explosive Rise of VRChat Clubbing featuring the TUBE UK Club District

Beyond finding these events, integrating into the community involves etiquette and respect. Optimize your avatar to ensure a smooth experience for yourself and others, adhere to the VRChat club's rules, and above all, bring a positive vibe. Remember, this is more than just dancing in a virtual space; it's about being part of a community that spans the globe, united by a love for music and dance.

There is something truly especial about experiencing a VRChat Rave in full body tracking (FBT) with other people in FBT dancing all around you. It’s like tapping into an ethereal human frequency, a sense of connection that is only elevated by the amazing music being played at these events. You now have the tools to experience countless hours of dancing, making friends and being a part of a vibrant community unlike any other, all of it from the comfort of your home. Good luck!


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