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Search and Download VRChat Avatars for an Enhanced Social Experience

an anime-style avatar, a human, and a furry cartoonish avatar

Gathering in VRChat can be a dynamic experience, and while the existing default avatars in VRChat are available, they may not fully cater to your desire to express your persona in the digital realm. In addition to the two dedicated websites offering compatible VRChat avatars, here’s a list of alternative websites where you can download avatars to enhance your VRChat experience. 

Uncover 7 Sites for VRChat Avatar Downloads and Acquirement

screenshot of the VRCArena official website with furry VRChat avatars

Introducing VRCArena, the go-to hub for furry avatars on VRChat. This site is a centralized index for official access to a wide array of furry avatars. VRCArena not only allows users to explore and acquire furry avatars but also encourages community engagement. Users can submit avatars and sources, with pre-approval processes. Additionally, creators can request ownership of their avatars, providing them with the flexibility to edit information. Enhancing user convenience, VRCArena enables direct file hosting for a seamless experience for creators and users alike.

people 3D characters compatible with VRChat in Sketchfab

Commonly known for its large collection of 3D models, Sketchfab stands as one of the leading 3D modeling websites where users can buy and sell their 3D models. Besides, it’s a 3D viewer that lets you see details of your models in 360. You get to inspect the VRChat models from your wish list and see if it really is what you’re looking for before purchasing. Sketchfab’s model inspector enables viewing details of your VRChat model’s geometry, topology, materials, and textures in real time.

a male avatar wearing glasses standing in front of a vault

There’s a myriad of avatar worlds within VRChat, featuring meticulously crafted avatars by skilled creators. Here are some curated selections for you to explore. Access these avatar worlds by entering the designated world ID or searching for them directly on your in-game console. Keep in mind that you need a minimum of twelve hours of gameplay to unlock the ability to create worlds, upload avatars to VRChat, and explore the content crafted by others. Please be aware that avatars found in VRChat worlds are solely intended for use within the VRChat environment. Thus, it can only be acquired by VRChat users and can not be downloaded for external use.

  • Dulle's Avatar World Dancing avatars are ideal for attending virtual parties in VRChat. Choose the avatar that suits your preference, customize the outfit, and synchronize the movement with the music's tempo to fully immerse yourself in the clubbing experience.

  • Spiritedspy's Avatar Vault Home to famous characters from well-known films like Transformers‚ Back To The Future‚ Star Wars‚ Sonic The Hedgehog‚ Ghostbusters‚ Matrix‚ Men In Black‚ Mario‚ Rick And Morty‚ Doctor Who‚ Star Trek‚ X-Men‚ Deadpool‚ and more.

  • Undernet HUB by CHARA Explore a vast mall offering a collection of over 200 VRChat avatars, each store representing an avatar creator. With an extensive range of avatar genres available, you won't need to jump from one world to another to find the perfect avatar, avatar hunting can be done in a single place.

A variety of paid VRChat avatars on the BOOTH website

Booth, the online store for indie Japanese designers, offers goodies from comics, illustrations, plushies, to 3D models, just to name a few. Efforts are dedicated to forging the most immediate link between the designer and the consumer. You have the option to support a designer by choosing to pay a voluntarily higher purchase price than the one initially suggested. Alternatively, you can stay updated on a particular store's latest offerings by following it, engaging directly with the sellers, or participating in online exhibitions.

Anime-style 3D VRChat avatars on the Unity Asset Store

Widely recognized as a versatile cross-platform game engine that facilitates diverse 3D entertainment experiences, Unity, the engine powering VRChat, boasts its own asset store. This store offers a plethora of pre-designed 2D and 3D characters, spanning animals, creatures, humanoids, and robots. Users have the option to acquire avatars, both free and paid, and can deploy them as-is or make personalized modifications within the Unity environment to align with their specific requirements.

6. Etsy

Some custom VRChat avatars for sale on Etsy

It might come as a surprise that the renowned American e-commerce platform Etsy, recognized for its handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, also provides a marketplace for purchasing VRChat avatars. This unexpected offering showcases the platform's adaptability to cater to a diverse range of digital goods, further expanding its appeal to creators and users within the virtual reality community. Don’t forget to check out the detailed item description and reviews of the item before making your purchase.

screenshot of some cartoonish and realistic avatars created on VIVERSE

Create and customize your desired digital persona with VIVERSE Avatar. Whether you're seeking an adorable look or a more lifelike one, VIVERSE caters to both preferences. Select from default face models or start crafting from scratch. Just remember to save your avatar and feel free to alter its details whenever you like. Choose the avatar you wish to download from your collection by clicking on the top right corner to export it as a VRM file. Then, use the community-created VRM to VRChat converter to bring your avatar over to VRChat.

Recap and Summarize

After exploring these six lesser-known sites for VRChat avatars, it's clear that the options available for avatar customization and personalization in VRChat are more diverse and expansive than ever before. Whether you're seeking a unique persona to express yourself or aiming to enhance your overall VRChat experience, these websites offer a wide array of avatars to suit various preferences and styles.


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