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The Most Anticipated 2024 Spring Virtual Events in VRChat, Cluster, and More

a collage of 4 virtual events with famous Japanese VTubers, anime characters and Sanrio characters

Spring unfolds, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to dive into new virtual horizons and connect with kindred spirits, building upon the success of our recent blog post, "Virtual Events to Wrap Up 2023 and Kickstart 2024." Whether your interests lie in technology, music, or animations, a tapestry of thrilling virtual events awaits. From interactive live concerts to immersive Prepare for the comeback of the Sanrio Virtual Festival, now extended from 10 days to a month! It's growing even more significant and more exciting. Expect a multitude of additional activities and exciting collaborations!

1. Virtual Anime Fes

Anime-style characters and robots from the Virtual Anime Fes. presented by ONN’ON Studios

Toei Animation's metaverse project, ONN'ON STUDIOS, is set to host the Virtual Anime Fes. The event will take place within Toei Animation’s multiverse theme park, ImaginaryPark2070, on VRChat, and will also be live-streamed on Toei Animation's official YouTube channel for free. The event will feature a virtual reading stage with Kojiro Shindo and Shuji Asano from “Kado: The Right Answer.”

Additionally, the project's three official characters will unite temporarily as the time-limited unit, Satellite, making their stage debut and unveiling a new song. Following this, there will be a grand reveal of English AI characters, along with an announcement of the release of a new mixed reality (MR) game from Kaiju Decode. The event will conclude with an announcement of a new film project by the production team of 'Expelled from Paradise,' including director Seiji Mizushima and screenwriter Gen Urobuchi.


Event details

2. Virtual Edo-Tokyo Project

two female virtual idols to perform at Virtual-Edo Tokyo Music Live

Last week, Virtual Edo-Tokyo kicked off with Tokyo Governor Koike delivering an opening message through her virtual avatar. Upcoming events include “MUSIC LIVE,” featuring live singing performances by VTubers Ruri Asano and MaiR; and “TOKYO QUIZ CHALLENGE,” offering interactive quizzes to explore industrial charms.

Attendees can also partake in the “UNCOVERING THE APPEAL OF VR PERFORMERS” talk session with MCs, featuring captivating performances by virtual dancers and calligraphers. You get to explore the Virtual Edo-Tokyo recreation on a large-scale three-sided display and engage with new technology through Edo Castle AR to view its interior via smartphones and other devices. Families with children can participate together, experiencing three different jobs, including acting as a bus guide in the virtual space.


Event details

3. Noto Peninsula Earthquake Charity Live “Existence”

famous Japanese VTubers, performers of the charity live “Existence” event

With a heavy heart, not long ago, Japan experienced the Noto Peninsula earthquake, leaving a profound impact. In response, the multi-talented VTuber, Virtual Girl Nem (バーチャル美少女ねむ), took the initiative to organize and moderate a charity event named the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Charity Live, titled “Existence.”

This event brings together volunteers and fellow VTubers, including Usui Clear (宇推くりあ), Kirara Mimi (雲母ミミ), Aomori Rinko (青森りんこ), and OcutanBot (おきゅたんbot / 宝来すみれ). These five VTubers will showcase various performances, including singing, to support the cause. Additionally, the virtual ascetic Kirio (きりお), known for engaging in physical mountain bushwork, is scheduled to lead a reconstruction prayer.

Admission and viewing are both free, and all gifts, the V items, used by visitors within the cluster to support the event will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society 2024 (Reiwa 6) Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund. The primary objective of the event is to demonstrate that virtual beings in virtual reality can make a meaningful contribution to physical reality. Please note that there is an admission capacity of 500 participants, and early entry is encouraged.

Event details

4. Sanrio Virtual Festival 2024 in Sanrio Puroland

A cartoon of anime-style girls and popular Sanrio cartoon characters

The “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2024 in Sanrio Puroland” offers a meticulously replicated 3D entrance floor that mirrors the exterior and interior of the physical Sanrio Puroland. With a total of eight floors, each floor holds distinctive elements.

In the intermissions between live performances, participants can unwind in the cafe or sauna spaces, engage in discussions with friends, and explore content such as photo spots and mini attractions. The artist lineup with virtual idols, creators, and Sanrio characters included is sure to deliver captivating performances.

Notably, the club floor, produced by the organizer of GHOSTCLUB, is situated at the deepest level of Sanrio Puroland, characterized by enormous displays, rusted pipes, bare steel frames, and intricate cables, offering a stark contrast to the other floors. The combination of light, images, and sound culminates in a massive and majestic environment where VRDJs from the VRChat scene, real-life artists, and various VJs come together to elevate the virtual experience to new heights.

Event details

  • Date: February 19th - March 17th, 2024 JST (GMT+9)

  • Venue: VRChat

  • Compatible Devices: PC, PC-VR, smartphones

  • Event website: Sanrio Virtual Festival 2024

  • Price: Free for general events; various paid plans for artist performances

5. hololive 5th fes. Capture the Moment on Streaming+

A group of hololive talents for hololive 5th fes, Capture the Moment supported by Bushiroad

Hololive’s yearly spectacle this year, “hololive SUPER EXPO 2024” revolves around the theme of “hololive island.” Fans can enjoy diverse stages, culinary delights, and other activities. Coinciding with this event is the hololive group-wide live concert, “hololive 5th fes. Capture the Moment.”

Capture the moment! Savor it. Treasure it. The main theme of this year's hololive 5th fes. is inferred from this slogan. The event will take place on a three-sided stage, an unprecedented and monumental first for hololive production, connecting the past, present, and future. Hololive 5th fes. is a large-scale production consisting of four performances. For this event, HoneyWorks has been brought in to produce the new “HoneyWorks stage.”

In addition to well-known and popular fan favorites, a collection of colorful songs has been written specifically for hololive. Furthermore, fans around the world can secure live stream tickets for both “hololive 5th fes. Capture the Moment” Stages 1-3 and the “HoneyWorks Stage,” allowing them to be part of the exhilarating experience.

Event details

Recap & Summarize

Get ready for a spring filled with excitement and innovation as the hottest virtual events of 2024 are set to unfold. From immersive music festivals to groupies’ favorite meet and greets, the virtual landscape is bursting with opportunities to connect, engage, and be entertained.

If you simply can’t get enough of the aforementioned virtual events, make sure to pay a visit to VIVERSE as quite a few interesting virtual events are waiting for you to unlock new dimensions of possibilities in the digital realm.

Don't miss out on the season's most anticipated virtual gatherings, your ticket to an unforgettable spring experience is just a click away!


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