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Mark Your Calendars! Virtual Events to Wrap Up 2023 and Kickstart 2024

cover photo of major upcoming 2023 year-end and 2024 new year VTuber virtual events

Happy holidays, VR enthusiasts, and VTuber fans! If you haven’t decided how to spend your holiday yet, no worries! We've compiled a list of some of the most exciting virtual events for the year-end of 2023 and the new year of 2024. Let’s get the party started! Join the online community and make your holidays memorable!

1. VRChat New Year’s Eve 2024

a screenshot of a digital city filled with billboards at night

(Source: VRChat)

VRChat's New Year’s Eve Party in VR is just around the corner! This year, they’re hosting a party with the theme “Groups and Communities” at the "New Year's Square," a location that only opens at this time of the year. Community members proudly display their affiliation by contributing posters, booths, music logos, and videos, adding to the vibrant excitement of the showcase! The excitement doesn’t end there, the VRChat Entertainment Network is back, offering 24 hours of pop-up streamed content. No matter where you are, there will be a ball drop every hour in every time zone. Feel free to vibe to worldwide community DJs as you dance the night away.  

Event details

  • Date: 2 a.m. Dec 31st, 2023 PDT 

  • Venue: VRChat 

  • Price: Free

2. hololive production COUNTDOWN LIVE 2023▷2024

Clear blue and purple skies with clouds and shining stars, with a galaxy gateway

Aside from the beloved hololive female VTubers, the all-male VTuber boy group, HOLOSTARS, will grace the stage and join you in the New Year's countdown. Anticipate their special collaboration and tune into the event to catch the hologra Countdown Special Edition video, along with the hololive Shuffle Medley 2024. A non-stop 5-hour variety show including a talk show recapping the major and trivial events of the past year and two episodes of prank shows will surely keep the audience entertained. The winner of the "Photo of the Year" will be announced, and a new award category, the "Audience Choice Award," will be introduced. One more thing to look forward to is the "Hoshimatic Project," featuring ten hololive members engaging in dance battles.   

Event Details

3. International VTuber VSinger Battle

Female VTubers, VSingers, contestants of the singing battle

(Source: MinaiAlma)

Recreating the classic Red & White Year-End Song Festival in the virtual world, we present you the Red & White Year-End Singing Battle with international virtual singers along with special guests. Leading the White team is the multitalented Minai Aruna, fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese, frequently engaging with fans through online chats and singing activities. Facing off against her is the unique Izakaya owner with a covert spy side gig, captivating audiences with live broadcasts covering ASMR, gaming, singing, and special projects. Don't forget to vote for your favorite group as you tune in and join the excitement of the lucky draw event! 

Event details

4. 金V獎 Golden VTuber Awards

A glamorous stage with lighting set for an award ceremony


As the VTuber industry gains momentum in Taiwan, the PTS (Public Television Service) proudly introduces the inaugural VTuber Awards in partnership with KOKURA COMPUTER CO. This collaborative effort aims to celebrate VTuber excellence and recognize the dedicated production crews behind the virtual magic. The ceremony aspires to unearth fresh talents, fostering creativity while familiarizing the masses with the vibrant VTuber culture. With the theme "V Generation: Making Taiwan the Shape of V," attendees can expect immersive 3D stages, dazzling musical acts, and engaging stand-up performances from nominees for the "rising VTuber of the Year."

Event details

5. まだナニ年越しSP Nothing Has Been Decided Yet

A group of VTubers with distinct styles gathered in front of a rainbow and mountain

Sounds peculiar? “Nothing Has Been Decided Yet” is a New Year’s Eve project including songs, games, radio, parodies, and more. To name a few of the shows unveiled so far includes “Don’t Laugh While Slurping Soba on New Year’s Eve,” involving VTubers to listen to sincere heartful letters expressing gratitude without getting caught subtly eating soba. What’s more, VTubers will bring their own ingredients to make the traditional Japanese new year dish, Osechi collectively in “Let’s Still Make Osechi.” As the Mada Nani lose consciousness and wakes up in a mysterious space of the dead, watch the tactics they pull to escape the room. The whole event ends with watching the first sunrise with fellow beloved VTubers.

Event details 

  • Date: 6 p.m. December 31st, 2023  - 6.a.m. Jan. 1st, 2024  JST (GMT+9) 

  • Venue: Cluster 

  • Price: Free

6. Hololive New Year Cup 2024

hololive virtual idols in distinct outfits gathered for the hololive new year cup 2024

(Source: hololive today)

VRoom VRoom! Get ready for the annual Mario Kart tournament next year featuring thirty-seven hololive players divided into four groups. The tournament kicked off in 2019 and has since become a New Year tradition starting from 2021. The race spans over 2 days; the first day's race determines qualifiers, with group winners advancing instantly. On the second day, there's another shot at instant advancement for the overall winner. Cheer on your favorite idol for a chance to race to victory!  


Event details

Recap & Summarize 

If you happened to miss out on the previously mentioned virtual events due to conflicting schedules, fret not! Here's a fantastic alternative for you: round up your friends for a musical adventure with NANA, turn on your microphone as you join your friends singing your hearts out, and exploring the diverse landscapes of the six music universes.  

Host virtual events by inviting your friends into your own World for a delightful celebration or laid-back gathering, and share your World decoration with one another. What better way to ring in the New Year than with the harmonious blend of music and camaraderie? On top of this, anticipate new features and updates from VIVERSE in the upcoming year, delivering an even more captivating array of virtual events for your enjoyment! Keep an eye out for what's to come! 


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