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Virtual idols and VTubers (virtual YouTubers) seem to be among the hottest trends lately. According to a YouTube report, over 52% of people surveyed have watched a VTuber over the past year. (Start your VTuber journey with our beginner's guide to 2D or 3D character model creation.) 

 Cover photo with NANA at NANA’s home, set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk World is filled with music videos of NANA and other Warner Music artists

Take Warner Music Taiwan’s NANA JUMP Project for instance, by establishing NANA as the first virtual idol in the Mandarin music landscape and collaborating with various artists, it paved the way to the prospect of the music industry. Not only did NANA appear in music videos, but through Warner Music Taiwan and VIVERSE’s collaboration, the seventeen-year-old new human serves as a symbol of the intersection between music and cutting-edge technology.  


Specializing in 3D visual and interactive technologies, VIVERSE liberates NANA from the confines of traditional video frameworks, bringing her to live with 3D immersive spaces that align with her characteristics and perspective. The spatial presence makes all the difference, NANA gets to showcase her authenticity and engage with her fans up-close. Without further ado, let’s dive into the futuristic NANA JUMP Worlds! 

JUMP Into NANA’s Music Realm 

Follow NANA as she explores the depths of human emotions. Surrounded by sentimental cover songs, NANA’s music realm encompasses six distinct music Worlds, each radiating different vibes and renditions of the classic Chinese movie soundtracks across the ages. 

NANA’s home tailored for the virtual idol, NANA, is set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk World filling with music videos of NANA and other Warner Music artists

Step into the limelight at NANA’s home, where mesmerizing billboards guide you through NANA's cyberpunk metaverse. As flying cars soar by, you stroll down the post-apocalyptic World alone. You might stumble upon a song that brings comfort to your soul.

bicycle, record player, public telephone, beer, and arcade booths, giving off a retro 1980s vibe

At a glance, a record player, public telephone, and arcade booths encapsulate the timeless 80s essence in Taiwan! 🕹

donut, lipstick, hearts, boombox in a bathtub, first love vibes in a dreamy space

Childhood innocence is captured in a love-filled umbrella. Now playing: Fall in love from the boombox in a tub💘

keyboards, headphones, speakers, lights, DJ mixers, party vibes in a sunset backdrop

Revel in the nostalgia of clubbing days with a unique twist! Immerse yourself in the vibrant fusion of keyboards, speakers, and DJ mixers, where a classic Taiwanese song takes on a reggae vibe.

staircase to the sky, gramophone, chairs, and screens in a minimalist digital space

Feel the minimalist allure in black and white, inviting thoughts of sipping tea in the company of a refined gentleman. 💭

futuristic lab with a panel showing the distance of people

In the futuristic Encounter Lab, spot the distance of people while anticipating the arrival of a stranger within the bustling crowd 👥

Celebrating the First Virtual Idol Collaboration with Exclusive Avatar Outfit 


Begin your style transformation by visiting Avatar Creator. For those of you who wish to try on the NANA JUMP x VIVERSE limited outfit, selecting the female avatar model is recommended. You could breathe new life into NANA's classic look in VIVERSE, and customize your outfit with a fashionable crop top and gleaming metallic skirt to radiate a lively and spirited charm. The unique touch? The play button is integrated into NANA's choker, and skirt belt, fully embodying her character with the complete outfit and accessories, or you could also mix and match some of those with other VIVERSE garments. 


When you’re done, click on the "Save" button in the upper right corner to review the results. 

Next, click on “Next” to proceed. Once you enter the Avatar collection you created, click on the one you just made and select “Set as active” to use it in Worlds. Ta-da! You’re all set to explore the Worlds with your chic fit.  

a virtual idol waving in the virtual world


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