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What’s new in VIVERSE for Business: May 2024

As we look towards the warmer months of Spring, VIVERSE for Business is excited to unveil a new update packed with features designed to streamline your virtual collaboration and enhance the immersive experience. Our May 2024 release includes several key enhancements to help with team collaboration.

Let’s explore these exciting new features:

3D model using polygon streaming in a meeting

Bringing Polygon Streaming optimised 3D Objects

Our latest update introduces an automatic conversion feature for high-polygon 3D objects to a Polygon Streaming optimized format. This enhancement simplifies the user experience by allowing users to upload 3D objects through the user console without worrying about conversion specifics. The system automatically processes high-poly objects to ensure optimal performance. During upload, users are informed of file conversions, particularly beneficial for real-time processing and integration into virtual environments.

New avatar animations – more lifelike movement

Experience more natural and fluid avatar movements with our new animation upgrades. The enhanced animations make avatars move more freely and realistically, significantly enhancing the sense of presence within VIVERSE for Business. These improvements aim to reduce the uncanny valley effect often associated with virtual interactions, making meetings feel more engaging and interactions less jarring. The result is a more comfortable and immersive experience that mirrors real-world interactions, improving non-verbal collaboration and communication.

Improved screen sharing and 'Big Screen'

Enhancements to our screen sharing capabilities include an improved user interface and user experience in the 'Big Screen' mode, ideal for group presentations and collaborative sessions. This feature allows presenters to control what participants see, ensuring that everyone is focused on the right content at the right time. Whether you're conducting a training session or leading a project discussion, the new big screen mode makes virtual presentations smoother and more impactful.

Plus, over 60 updates and fixes

VIVERSE for Business has rolled out a significant update with over 60 fixes to enhance its spatial collaboration platform. Notable improvements include more accurate movement controls for avatars, corrected time displays for meetings, seamless Bluetooth headset integration, and updated meeting details to reflect new design standards. Additionally, enhancements have been made to space management, user interface layouts, language localizations, and the overall interaction experience, including emojis and shared content management.

All these new features are available to users, on top of the recently released AI-powered productivity features released back in February.

Learn more and explore

To discover more about these new features and see them in action, we invite you to schedule a demo with our team of experts. They are ready to guide you through the capabilities of VIVERSE for Business and help you harness the full potential of your virtual collaboration space.

For more information and to get the most out of the May 2024 release, check out our updated User Guides. These resources are designed to ensure you have a smooth and efficient experience with VIVERSE for Business.


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