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4 of VIVERSE’s Best 3D Virtual Museums and Art Gallery Worlds

As the world gradually shifts online, the art world is no exception. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to appreciate art from the comfort of your own home! VIVERSE is home to some of the most immersive and interactive virtual galleries online.

Let's uncover some of the 3D virtual exhibitions on VIVERSE that have been making waves in the art world.

BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum 2

Overview of the Birdie Wing Metaverse Museum 2 in VIVERSE, a sprawling digital landscape with photos and videos of the Anime and characters In the Golf series
BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum 2 showcases digital photos of the Anime characters and includes video scenes, join to chat about your favorite scenes, characters, and more!

This virtual art gallery is the sequel to the highly successful BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum. The “BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum” debuted in 2022 alongside the broadcast of the first season of the anime “BIRDIE WING,” captivating audiences with its immersive depiction of the BIRDIE WING universe within the metaverse.

BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum 2 showcases cinematic photos with stunning digital art and stills from the anime and includes videos highlighting the release of the Nintendo Switch game! (Learn more: BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum 2 Launches Today!)

Vermeer Metaverse Museum

Vermeer Metaverse Museum, a digital masterpiece showcasing the Dutch artist’s paintings in the immersive 3D realm of VIVERSE Worlds
Journey through expertly crafted virtual galleries, where Vermeer's masterpieces are reimagined for the modern age with a fusion of classic art and cutting-edge technology.

This virtual gallery is named after Johannes Vermeer, a famous Dutch painter who lived during the Golden Age of Dutch art. The Vermeer Metaverse Museum features a collection of Dutch paintings from the 17th century, including masterpieces like Vermeer's “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

The virtual exhibition of The Vermeer Metaverse Museum brings classical art to life in a way that is both accessible and engaging.


FAMETAVERSE by FAMEME: A surreal digital dreamscape in VIVERSE filled with bright colors, durians, objects, and designer clothing
Get ready to play, explore, and immerse yourself in FAMEME’s creative genius where every corner bursts with vibrant surprises, offering a joyful escape into a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

This virtual art gallery features the works of the fashion influencer FAMEME, a creative mind whose truly visionary view of art and design has made him sought after by some of Asia's biggest industry names. What sets FAMETAVERSE apart is its focus on his clothing label and designs which are beloved by people across the continent - from wealthy merchants to the workers in the rice paddies. The virtual space is designed to showcase his art in new and innovative ways, with digital installations that push the boundaries of the medium.

Fametaverse is a celebration of creativity that values experimentation and risk-taking. (Learn more about Fametaverse)

Screen Art: Metaverse

Screen Art: Metaverse Museum, a large white gallery of digital contemporary art in VIVERSE.
This innovative museum seamlessly melds technology and creativity, inviting visitors to explore a curated collection of works that push the boundaries of visual expression in a dynamic journey that bridges the gap between art and the metaverse.

This 3D metaverse exhibition is a collaboration between VIVE Arts and several contemporary artists. Screen Art: Metaverse is a unique take on the virtual gallery, featuring works of art that are created specifically for screen-based display. Visitors can interact with the artworks in a way that is not possible in a traditional gallery setting.

Screen Art: Metaverse challenges the boundaries of what we think of as art and is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of art and technology!

There has never been a better time to explore the world of virtual galleries!

Art lovers can discover new artworks and perspectives without leaving their homes with VIVERSE. The 3D exhibitions highlighted in this blog post represent the best of what VIVERSE has to offer.

Whether you are a creative, artist, or metaverse enthusiast, there is something for everyone in these immersive and interactive virtual spaces. So, why not take a virtual walk through one of these incredible virtual art galleries today? You won't regret it.


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