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Exploring Polygon Streaming within VIVERSE for Business

Polygon Streaming technology is a powerful medium for demonstrating 3D assets to audiences without requiring powerful computing or specialised software. In this brief demonstration, we explore the capabilities of VIVERSE for Business by showcasing a full-scale 3D model of a power plant, highlighting how Polygon Streaming easily handles the rendering of millions of polygons.

As we navigate through the virtual power plant, the model dynamically loads detailed visuals, ensuring smooth performance across various devices. The versatility of Polygon Streaming is emphasised by its ability to maintain high fidelity even when navigating complex models at different scales. By clicking on a portal, we transition from an overview scale to a lifelike scale, demonstrating the seamless transition and detailed rendering of large environments.

This powerful technology enhances the understanding of intricate models and facilitates effective collaboration. Teams can use 3D pen tools, post-it notes to annotate, discuss, and develop ideas further within the virtual space.

Polygon Streaming in VIVERSE is advancing the way businesses interact with 3D models, making it an invaluable tool for planning and development across various industries.


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